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8 Magic Kingdom Attractions You Should Visit After Dark

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While the Magic Kingdom is always full of fantastical wonder and fun, there’s a special kind of magic that presents itself at night when the sky grows dark and the park becomes alight in other ways. Since the Park has a totally different look at night, there are some attractions that have totally different experiences as well! Here are 8 attractions that you must visit at night:

8.) Mad Tea Party

These spinning tea cups are always a whirlwind of fun, especially at night. The lanterns hanging above you are aglow with soft light, so when you’re twirling around, you get the feeling that you’re at your very own garden party.

7.) Astro Orbiter

Tomorrowland becomes a land of neon glow and galactic colors at night, and you can see this from far above on the Astro Orbiter. Taking you far above Tomorrowland, you’ll fly up, down, and around looking upon the people and attractions below. If you look carefully, you’ll be able to see Cinderella’s Castle aglow in the distance.

6.) Jungle Cruise

If you think the Jungle Cruise is wild during the day, just wait until you visit at night! When you’re sailing down the river with the only light coming from your boat and a few places around the “jungle”, it becomes more mysterious and adventurous than normal. You won’t anticipate the animals, people, and events that happen during your tour of Asia, Africa, and South America, which makes it more thrilling and humorous.

5.) Big Thunder Mountain

There’s nothing like riding through an abandoned mine in a ghost train when there’s little light save for a few lanterns illuminating the mountain. If you enjoy the thrill of Big Thunder Mountain during the day, it doesn’t compare to the thrill at night. Becoming more eerie and bizarre with no sun overhead, this ghost town is best explored when dark.

4.) Haunted Mansion

While this spooky ride is completely indoors, the ghostly interactive queue outside is not. Not only will experiencing this creepy ride feel more realistic if it’s already dark outside, spending time playing in the Mansion’s haunted grounds beforehand will build the anticipation for chills and thrills. Whether playing the phantom organ or the bookcase that moves on its own, it’s much more bone-chilling to experience when the light of day has faded.

3.) Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

A newer Magic Kingdom favorite, this delightful attraction is full of fairytale magic that is even more spectacular at night. As you pass over mountains and by small waterfalls after visiting the dwarfs in their mine, you’ll be spell-bound at the beauty and light. The best part? The crowds are definitely smaller at night, meaning you can get onto this popular attraction much more quickly.

2.) Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover

While this attraction is usually saved for when a family is most tired and needs a break during their long day, the best time to visit is actually at night. When Tomorrowland is aglow with its galactic lights and spectacular colors, the people mover allows close looks at different parts of this land you don’t normally get to see. You can feel the night breeze as your rush past and get a look at parts of Tomorrowland that are only noticeable when the sun goes down.

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1.) Splash Mountain

A popular attraction amongst the crowds to cool you off after a long day, this ride is a totally different experience at night. The Briar Patch lights up with different color lights, and the portions of this ride outdoors allow you to see the stars, making the Bayou experience even more realistic. An already charming ride, it becomes even more so when traveling under the starry night skies amidst warmly lit scenery before you disappear into the mountain. Then, when going over the big drop, you can catch a glimpse of a beautifully lit Cinderella’s Castle in the distance.

If you get the opportunity to play in the Magic Kingdom after dark, do it. These are just some of the magical attractions you can experience at night, and there are so many more to explore and enjoy during your visit.

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