Lies People Believe About Epcot That They Shouldn’t

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There are always going to be people who complain or have negative things to say about any good thing. Unfortunately, Epcot comes under fire for a lot of things. Luckily, we are here to set you straight. Just like any Disney park, there’s more to it than you would think. But here are 10 lies you may have heard, and the reasons why they aren’t true!

10. It Needs To Be Updated

People think they need to walk into Future World and literally be taken into the “future”. While maybe they aren’t all the “newest” rides, they certainly fit the theme. If you take the time to actually appreciate the rides and attractions, you’ll see they’re perfect just the way they are. There is something very nostalgic about Epcot as well, and for those who love it, they wouldn’t change a thing!

9. There’s Too Much Walking

Yes, it is a big park and there is a lot of walking, however, there are ways to make it more bearable. For example, if you want to head over to the other side of World Showcase, there are boats you can take across the water. This is especially helpful if you’ve spent a long day in the park, but need to head over there for dinner.

8. There’s Nowhere To Get “Regular” Food

We always hear about all the unique food items you can try across World Showcase, but people often worry about the pickier eaters in the family. Luckily, there are plenty of regular food items to choose from as well. For example, Liberty Inn, a quick service restaurant inside the America Pavilion, has more common food to offer, like burgers, chicken nuggets, and hot dogs.

7. There Are No Characters at Epcot

This is actually a huge lie! There are plenty of characters to meet at Epcot, some that you don’t often see. Some of the more unique character experiences include, Jasmine and Aladdin, Mary Poppins, Mulan, and Alice. But of course you can also meet most of the fab five as well. Just check the Disney World website for times and locations!

6. The Table Service Restaurants Are Too Expensive

Yes, there are some great signature dining experiences at Epcot, but there are also some table service restaurants that won’t break the bank or they give you a great bang for your buck. For example, family style dining or buffets are always great for getting a lot of food for a decent price, and Epcot has some great ones! Rose and Crown, in the UK Pavilion, also has great meals for reasonable prices, as well as both of the restaurants in Mexico, or Via Napoli in Italy.

5. It’s Just For Drinking

If you’ve done any research about Epcot, you’ve heard about “drinking around the world” or all the wonderful drinks you can get. But we understand that not everyone drinks, and that definitely doesn’t make a difference here! There are so many things to do that don’t even include drinking. You can have snacks around the world, or my personal favorite, desserts around the world! The great thing about Disney is they truly make it a great experience for everyone and anyone.

4. The Firework Show Isn’t As Good As Magic Kingdom’s

This one is definitely not true. Although ‘Happily Ever After’ at Magic Kingdom is absolutely amazing, you are really comparing apples to oranges here. Both shows are fantastic, but completely different. ‘Illuminations’ is sure to leave you speechless! Enjoy it while you can, this show is being retired Summer 2019 with a new show coming in it’s place. We can’t wait to see what the Imagineers have thought up this time!

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3. There Are No Rides

One of the most common things you hear from people is, “Well, there aren’t really any rides at Epcot.” No, there may not be as many roller coasters as Magic Kingdom, but there are definitely some great rides to experience. Spaceship Earth (closing for 2 year refurbishment), The Seas with Nemo and Friends, and Mission: Space, and Frozen are all so much fun. Plus, there’s Soarin’ and Test Track, those are always a huge hit!

2. It Doesn’t Have the “Disney Magic”

Many associate Disney with the vision of Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom, or Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. Guests may travel all the way to Florida to experience the “Disney Magic” and people who have yet to visit Epcot sometimes think it wouldn’t be as magical. But they couldn’t be more wrong. Disney magic is everywhere at Epcot. It’s all in the details! Once you visit, especially World Showcase, you’ll realize it’s just as magical as the rest of Disney World!

1. It’s Not For Kids

This is the number one lie about Epcot, simply because it’s the most believed. Yes, it is probably geared more towards adults, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t for kids as well. I mean it is Disney World after all! There are character meet and greets, character dining, and tons of smaller rides for kids to enjoy.

All in all, Epcot in an absolutely wonderful park, filled with lots to do for anyone, of any age. If you have experienced Epcot before, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, make sure you do on your next visit!

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