10 Reasons Why Walt Disney World Is Getting Better and Better!

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Walt Disney World has gone from strength to strength since it was first established a long time ago back in 1965. But more recent years have seen it improve in ways never before imagined. Take the bioluminescent Pandora – The World of Avatar, for instance, and its truly ground-breaking attractions Avatar Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey (have you seen the animatronic?!). And this themed land is just one example. There are countless reasons why Disney World keeps getting better, but here are the top 10!

1. Limited Experiences

Beyond the default experience of the resort in itself, there are many other experiences you can undertake during your Disney World vacation. From street parties to illuminations, Disney After Hours to birthday celebrations, variety really goes to infinity and beyond at Disney World. Sure, many of these experiences are limited, but that makes them all the more special and unique.

2. Disney Springs

When one thinks of Disney World, they tend only to consider the four theme parks – and rightly so too, because they’re truly magical places. But they often tend to forget about Disney Springs, the hustling, bustling entertainment district that’s thriving with restaurants and stores of all styles. And don’t forget about the all-new NBA Experience that will be slam-dunking its way onto courtside – sorry, West Side – on August 12 this year!

Disney Springs

3. Disney Resort Hotels

Disney World offers a huge variety of resort hotels, but the amazing thing is that there are more yet to open, such as Disney’s Riviera Resort, which will open later this year. Meanwhile, the Star Wars-themed hotel is yet to announce its ETA, but it’s set to be the most immersive in the entire resort, as it will thrust guests into a truly authentic galactic adventure.

4. Merchandise

Disney World is bursting at its seams with exciting merchandise all year round. There are even stores dedicated in their entirety to certain rides or movies. And if you take this year’s Disney movies – Star Wars, Marvel and all the live-action adaptations – there’s even more to come (who won’t want their very own Forky?!) At Disney World, there’s always something there that wasn’t there before!

5. Themed Lands

2018 unveiled the whimsical world of Woody, and in 2017 it was Pandora – The World of Avatar, easily the most visually ravishing land in the entire resort. This year, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be docking with Disney’s Hollywood Studios, bringing with it some out-of-this-world experiences. Just like the Pride Lands, at Disney World everything the light touches is yours to explore…


Photo credit Disney

6. Character Greetings

2019 is Disney’s biggest in theaters yet – Endgame, Aladdin, Toy Story 4, The Lion King and The Rise of Skywalker, to name a few. And while you can always guarantee more merchandise with a new movie, you can also expect more Character Greetings too. You might have missed the limited Captain Marvel, but you’ll still have a friend in Bo Peep this summer!

7. Navigation

Disney Transportation (a combination of bus, boat and monorail) is a great way to get around the resort. And soon, the Disney Skyliner gondolas will offer new fantastic points of view of the parks. But there are also things like the My Disney Experience mobile app, which comes with a GPS-enabled map and with it the Get Directions function. It looks like Disney World isn’t a small world, after all!

8. Interaction

The digital age has seen some truly magical additions to Disney World. For starters, the Play Disney Parks mobile app enables you to interact with your environment at certain attractions. And then there’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, set to be the most interactive land ever, as guests will be able to undertake missions and experience story lines. The Force is strong at Disney World…

Disney Play App

Photo Credit: Disney

9. New Additions & Experiences

2021 will see the 50th anniversary celebrations grace the resort, during which some brand new attractions will also be unveiled, such as a new adrenaline-charged Tron-themed ride and the “2 ½-D” Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. And, much sooner, the hugely-anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Disney World really is a whole new world – every single year.

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10. Star Wars & Marvel

Though many may argue otherwise, some of the smartest moves Disney has made have been the acquisitions of LucasFilm and Marvel. After all, these have resulted in nearly 30 Star Wars and MCU movies combined, along with galactic merchandise and out-of-this-world attractions. They’ve also helped to keep things fresh at the resort too, offering something other than just the classic stuff.

It’s fair to say that Disney World will keep on getting better and better. And with the recent Fox acquisition, you can probably expect even more new characters, adventures, attractions and experiences that won’t be too far, far away.

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