10 Reasons Why You Should Collect Pressed Pennies at Walt Disney World

penny map

3. You’ll Explore The Resort More

These words might actually put you off. After all, Disney World is truly enormous, so naturally you might wish to minimize the amount of walking you’ll be doing. But then you can always take full advantage of Disney Transportation. Remember – there’s so much to do and see, so allow the Coin Press Machines to draw you to every corner of the resort.

2. Kids (And Adults Alike) Love Treasure Hunts

Who doesn’t want a great way to keep the kids busy while they’re on a Disney vacation? And not only will the Coin Press Machines keep them occupied, they may also save you some pennies yourself in the long run by diverting their attention away from all the expensive stuff.

1. You Might Find Something That Wasn’t There Before

Searching for Pressed Pennies will encourage you to explore the resort more, but you may also end up finding something you never knew was there. Sure, most guests possess an awareness of new rides, experiences and Character Greetings, but you may stumble upon a Hidden Mickey, or a new eatery, or even something as simple as a picturesque piece of the Disney landscape.
If you want to know where to find the Coin Press Machines, check out the map on the official Walt Disney World Resort website and start carving out your own treasure hunt. And treasures these coins certainly are, for coin presses have been around for over a century. Who knew that a Disney-related adventure could be so priceless!
By Daniel

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