10 Reasons Why You Should Take A Solo Trip To Disney World At Least Once In Your Life

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Walt Disney World is the number one vacation spot for families. It is the most popular place to visit and hang out with your kids and family members. Sometimes, we all need a little alone time, and while it may not seem like it, Disney is a great place to spend quality time all by yourself. Here are ten reasons why you should take a solo trip to Disney at least once in your life.

10. Time To Think

When you spend time alone, you tend to reflect more on what’s been going on in your life or what you want to change. Taking a trip to Disney alone will allow you to take time to reflect on yourself and your life. It’s great for those that just want a breather away from the everyday hustle and bustle or just to distance yourself for a few days from others that may be impacting a major decision you have to make. It may even inspire you to make changes or finally chase your dreams! No matter what the reason may be, having time to think and reflect is important, and Disney is a great place to do so.

9. Eat What You Want

Traveling with others means making accommodations in dining. You may not be able to enjoy what you’re in the mood for because others can’t eat what you want or it’s not in your budget. Being able to eat whatever you want whenever you want is an incredible thing! You don’t have to worry about pleasing others or eating at a time that you’re not interested in doing so. You can also decide how many times you want to enjoy a quick service or sit down meal!

8. Create Your Own Schedule

Speaking of dining accommodations, we also have to make several accommodations when traveling with our family or friends. When you travel solo, you can choose whatever ride you feel like riding, experience any show you want, and stay up late or wake up early each and every day of your visit. You are in charge of your solo trip, and your schedule will be revolved completely around you! This is a fantastic way to check out things you haven’t been able to do in previous trips!

7. Take Advantage of Single Riders

There are three rides and attractions with a single riders entrance at the Walt Disney World Parks; Test Track (Epcot), Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom), and Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster (Hollywood Studios). When you travel alone, you can take advantage of the single riders line and not worry about leaving your family behind. This is a huge time saver in your day and well worth it!

6. Save Money

The more people you travel with, the more money you will spend on expenses. A solo trip allows you to save all of the money that you would normally spend on others, or if you want to splurge a little, you can spend that extra cash on yourself!

5. Mingle With Others

On my last few solo trips to the happiest place on earth, I was able to meet so many cast members and guests when waiting in line, or dining at a restaurant. If you’re a social butterfly, chatting with others is a great way to meet new friends. It’s a refreshing way to have a conversation with someone you don’t know at all and experience a new way of mingling!

4. Relaxing At Its Best

Sometimes it can be hard to stop and smell the roses when you visit Disney with kids and other family members. Everyone has an idea of what they want to do so we tend to cram it all into our schedules. When you travel alone, you can really take the time to relax at the parks or at your resort. For instance, spending a day at the pool, having lunch at the hub in front of Cinderella’s Castle, stopping to enjoy a quick show, watching movies by the pool in the evening, or sitting on a bench at the parks and taking in the view for a little while. I guarantee that you will realize the small things you’ve been missing when you travel in a group.

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3. Choose Your Resort

We often choose resorts to accommodate our families. Sometimes we may not be able to stay at a resort we want to experience because it won’t work out for the family at that time. This is another great reason to travel alone at least once to Walt Disney World. You can choose where you want to stay and not worry about how anyone else will feel!

2. Parade and Firework Viewing Areas

The parade and firework viewing areas are always pretty packed no matter what time of year because they typically only have one showing. When you’re by yourself, you can pretty much always find a decent spot to squeeze into (politely of course) to watch the show.

1. Nothing is Holding You Back!

With all of the tips above taken into consideration, there is nothing holding you back when you travel alone. You are free to make decisions for yourself and enjoy what you want, whenever you want! It is important to make time for ourselves, which can be very difficult to do with our everyday routines getting in the way, so the next time you really want to relax, plan a solo trip to Walt Disney World! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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