10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Walt Disney World Cart Food

Disney Popcorn

The Food Carts at Walt Disney World offer some of the quickest and most popular treats in the resort. Here are 10 awesome reasons why you’ll love to stop by these carts:

10.) They’re Incredibly Convenient

Need a quick snack? That’s no problem, because food carts are all over the park. You’d be surprised by how many you’ll pass as you walk around each park, and how convenient it is to stop by a cart and grab that pick-me-up that you need to tide you over until your dinner reservations.

9.) They always have drinks

Walking around in Walt Disney World can be exhausting, and you’ll find yourself becoming thirstier as the day goes on. One of the reasons you’ll love the carts in the park is that they all have drinks all the time, so you can grab the bottle of water that you desperately need without having to go inside a restaurant.

8.) The carts usually have cute themes

Depending on where you are in the parks, some of the carts have uniquely cute themes and food to match. The carts in Frontierland, for example, look like little wagons offering snacks and drinks to other settlers on the frontier. Something about getting your snacks from these themed carts just makes your trip seem even more magical than before.

7.) The popcorn is addicting

While this can be both good and bad, it’s important to know that the popcorn in Walt Disney World is absolutely delicious. It’s perfectly salty and crispy, making it easy to snack on in between your treks from attraction to attraction. You can get it in a nifty souvenir container, but if you don’t feel like spending the extra money, even a small bag is worth it!

6.) There are healthy options offered

Something many people don’t know is that the food carts at Walt Disney World offer healthy options too. If you’d rather have an orange than a bag of chips, or a granola bar instead of an ice cream cone, there are food carts full of healthy choices that can energize you during your stay.

5.) Coffee.

Coffee. What else do I need to say? Some of the food carts around the parks offer delicious Starbucks coffee, enabling you to get that quick pick-me-up during your adventures.

4.) There are so many sweet options

Featuring everything from a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bar to a Churro to a Chocolate-Covered Frozen Banana, there is sure to be something to satisfy every child or adult’s sweet tooth; and the best part? These carts are everywhere, meaning that you don’t have to go to a restaurant for dessert, and you can actually grab it really quickly before your next fastpass!

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3.) They offer heartier choices

The food carts aren’t just full of average snacks; they feature items as diverse as Turkey Legs and Mickey Mouse shaped pretzels. These are actually some of the yummiest foods in the Disney parks, and the most popular, which makes it all the more convenient that they’re offered at foods carts around the parks.

2.) The food is always prepared well

At the food carts, you never have to worry about the ice cream melting or the oranges being sour. The cart food is well-maintained and kept in very specific conditions to ensure excellent quality for the consumers. The pretzels are always hot, the popcorn is fresh, and the Chocolate-Covered Frozen Bananas are always frozen.

1.) They food has the Disney Magic

Unlike other theme parks, any cart food you find will always have the Disney magic and charm. From the actual carts themselves to the specific Disney recipes used to make the food, everything about the carts features the charm of Walt Disney World. So if you’re grabbing that bucket of popcorn or that churro, you’ll always know that it’s been made and held with high regard towards caring for every visitor, just like the rest of Walt Disney World’s delicious food.

Eating cart food is one of the many experiences you’ll have while visiting Walt Disney World, and as your trip progresses, you’ll find that you love the carts and the food they offer because of the convenience and magic that goes into each one.

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