10 Rookie Mistakes In Magic Kingdom


Visiting the most popular theme park in Walt Disney World, the Magic Kingdom, can be a dizzying experience for first timers. With so many lands to explore, here are a few tips that all seasoned Disney fans know about the Magic Kingdom.

10. Not Dividing the Day

One of the best ways to maximize your fun is to split your day at the park. Most people opt for attending the park later in the afternoon when the Magic Kingdom is at its hottest and most crowded. Instead, start with an early morning and plan to arrive when the park opens. The weather will be cooler and the lines will be shorter, allowing easier access to popular rides like the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Peter Pan’s Flight. Around noon, going back to the hotel for a nap can never hurt, especially when traveling with children. Return later that evening for a beautiful nighttime atmosphere.

9. Not Dressing Comfortably

Seeing women struggle to walk at Magic Kingdom in heels or wedges is certainly a sight to see. Leave the fancy footwear for a night in Downtown Disney, not for exploring a theme park. Opt for breathable sneakers or shoes that will keep you from foot pain later.

8. Not People Watching

Disney is known for drawing international crowds of people to the Magic Kingdom. Take the time to people watch as you enjoy your popcorn or eat your ice cream. Count all the toddlers dressed as Elsa or Anna. You never even know who you will meet waiting in line on your Disney vacation!

7. Not Taking Snack Breaks

Walking around the park is exhausting and fueling up throughout the day is key to keeping up your energy. Whether you wish to bring your own snacks or to buy, there are plenty of ways to keep you and your fellow travelers well fed. Stop for some fries, Mickey ice cream, turkey legs, or any other small snacks that will keep you going. There is a snack option for every taste and craving!

6. Not Getting a Souvenir

Every Disney vacation I’ve ever been on has led to the accumulation of everything from stained glass Beauty and the Beast wall décor to miniature Mickey Mouse figurines. Whatever your budget, getting something to remember the trip by makes the experience all the more memorable.

5. Not Getting the Best Fastpasses

FastPasses are your golden ticket into rides that you know you love. Make sure that you don’t waste your limited FastPasses for rides that normally have a 5-10-minute wait time. Download the My Disney Experience and check wait times for certain rides in advance to get the feel for what rides are the most/least popular. Instead, ensure you maximize your FastPass use by reserving rides that typically have longer wait times such as Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, or Peter Pan’s Flight.

4. Not Being Prepared For Florida weather

Florida can go from bright and sunny to torrential downpour before you can say, “Did you pack the umbrella?” Be sure to check the weather BEFORE you go to the park. Ponchos tend to be the most convenient for theme parks as they are hands free and don’t require to be opened and closed upon entering different rides or attractions.

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3. Not Having a Game Plan

Know where you want to go before you go. This can be especially helpful is this is your first time going to the park. Getting a grip of the layout of the park and mapping the places you want to visit can help save valuable time throughout the day. Check out a park map online and mark your game plan.

2. Not Taking Pictures

The Magic Kingdom is the perfect background and showcase for photo shoots! Take staple pictures with characters and in front of the castle. Don’t forget to take photos in more obscure places such as near the Cinderella fountain or on Tom Sawyer’s island. You will not only have the memories, but you will also have some beautiful photos to post on social media! My Magic Kingdom photo collection is extensive, and every time I go, I still find new places to take pictures!

1. Not Waiting in Line

Yes, wait times will be long. Yes, it’s exhausting waiting in line. Yes, it will be worth it. Certain rides in the Magic Kingdom such as the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, can have wait times over 120 minutes. These numbers are often over-exaggerated and are completely bearable. Unless you visit the park early enough, there is no way getting around these wait times. Instead, view the wait time as a positive event, because it’s ultimately going to lead up to an amazing attraction experience!

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