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10 Rookie Mistakes People Make at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

It’s easy to make mistakes, especially while on vacation. We’re all human, right? Fortunately for you, we want to make sure you don’t make these 10 easily avoidable mistakes people make when at Magic Kingdom.

10. Heading to the Right

Okay, so this one isn’t scientifically proven, but legend has it, everybody always goes to the right when they arrive at Magic Kingdom. If you head left first, you can hit rides like Jungle Cruise or Pirates of the Caribbean before anyone else gets there.

9. Missing Out on a Dole Whip

Plus, if you head to the left first, you can stop and get a delicious Dole Whip! They’re only found at Magic Kingdom and the Polynesian Resort, so make sure you get one when you see it! Cause once you leave, you’re outta luck!

8. Not Meeting at Least One Character

Sometimes we think that we don’t really need to meet the characters and get our picture taken, but once you leave you kind of regret it. We’ve all been there, but instead set aside an hour to find a character you really love and take a cute picture with them. Sometimes you might even run into one with no line! It’s all part of the Disney experience!

7. Not Taking Time to Browse the Gift Shops

People who have been to Disney World often know that there are things in the gift shops that can only be found in the park. Sometimes rookies don’t realize this. So my advice is take time to look through the gift shops and buy it when you see it!

6. Skipping the Rides with Long Wait Lines

For example, you really want to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, but the line is super long. I say, wait in the line, for two reasons. One, once you leave, you won’t get to ride it at home! And who wants to wait until the next time you visit? And two, some of the lines have amazing queues. Mine Train is one of them.

5. Not Making Advanced Dining Reservations

So lunchtime rolls around and you’re family is starving. You didn’t make any reservations and everything is booked up and all you want is a nice, cool place to sit and some good food. Make sure you make reservations if you think you’ll want them. You can book up to 180 days!

4. Not Taking Advantage of your Surroundings

Make sure you take time to stop and look around at where you are. You’re at Magic Kingdom for crying out loud! Take pictures! If you rush from ride to ride you’ll lose sight of just how beautiful the park really is. You can get some absolutely stunning pictures at Magic Kingdom; you just have to open your eyes.

3. Not Stopping to Notice the Details

It’s the same with noticing the little details. If you’re running through the park, you’ll miss some of the little details that make Disney stand out from all other theme parks. Look for Jaq and Gus inside Cinderella Castle or read the names on the windows of Main Street. There’s so much to see, take your time and appreciate everything Disney has to offer.

2. Not Making Fastpasses

If you don’t take advantage of the Fastpass system, you could spend more time waiting in line than you really have to. If you are staying on Disney property you can make your selections 60 days in advance. If you are staying off property you can make them 30 days in advance. Either way, make them!

1. Not Taking Breaks

This is one of the BIGGEST mistakes rookies make when spending the day at Magic Kingdom, especially if you have little ones. Magic Kingdom is usually open from 9 a.m. until midnight. If you planning on being there for rope drop and for fireworks, you are going to need a break. Whether it’s heading back to the resort for a nap or taking several small breaks at the park, I guarantee you will need them!

Well, if you are planning your very first trip to Magic Kingdom, make sure you take these 10 tips into consideration. And most importantly, have fun and enjoy your time there! Do you have any tips for our first timers?

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