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10 Things We Love About Epcot’s Coral Reef Restaurant

Coral Reef Restaurant

When many people think of Walt Disney World, they may automatically go to rides, shows, and unique experiences, while others may think of some of the great restaurants on property! Disney has no shortage of amazing places to eat that range from casual dining to luxury dinner experiences. \ If you’re a seafood fan looking for somewhere unique and tasty to try at Epcot, Coral Reef Restaurant may be the place for you! Guests can enjoy amazing seafood dishes all while taking in views of an amazing tank filled with sea life! Here are some of the things we love the most about this Walt Disney World restaurant!

10. Convenient Location

The Coral Reef Restaurant can appear to be a little hidden at first, but it’s location in The Seas pavilion makes it easy to plan your day around. Coral Reef and The Seas Pavilion are right near Spaceship Earth, which marks the main entrance and exit of the park, so guests are able to come and go from the park conveniently before and after they are finished eating.

9. The Atmosphere

The décor and overall atmosphere at Coral Reef will make you feel like you are dining under the sea! The fun lighting fixtures shaped like sea creatures, unique décor, and massive sea tank will give guests an amazing dining experience! If you’re lucky enough, you can be seated right next to the tank to get up close and personal with some of the animals!

8. The Service

As with many Walt Disney World restaurants and attractions, the cast members at Coral Reef are friendly and will do whatever they can to give guests the best experience possible. Many of the cast members know about the sea animals found in the tank, so be sure to ask to get more information. They may have some fun stories for you!

7. The Drinks

Many of the drinks (which can also be made without alcohol) have fun ocean and island-themed names and they’re also very tasty! Try something tropical to enjoy before dinner or have a dessert cocktail to top off your evening at the restaurant. If you can’t decide, ask your waiter or waitress for their recommendation!

6. The Food

If you love seafood, you will love tasting many of the dishes available at Coral Reef! From soups, calamari, and crab cakes for an appetizer, to delicious fish entrees for dinner, there’s a little bit of everything to fit a variety of palates. Plus, there are plenty of kids’ options for picky eaters who may not enjoy seafood. If there are adults in your party who don’t care for seafood, tasty steak, chicken, and pork dishes are also available.

5. The Desserts

From chocolate mousse to cheesecake, there are lots of options to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. There are also kids’ desserts for young diners and dessert cocktails that are perfect for topping off your dining experience!

4. The Scuba Divers

That’s right! You can watch divers in action while you enjoy your meal! These divers will wave at guests in the restaurant, show off some of their skills, and interact with the sea life in the large tank. Definitely check up on the tank during your meal to see if you can spot them in action! If you’re lucky, you may be able to spot a Scuba diving Mickey!

3. Seasonal Menu Options

Depending on the time of year you’re visiting, you may be able to try some delicious seasonal seafood options! Be sure to ask the wait staff about some of the seasonal options to find the best one for you.

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2. The Photo Opportunities

From the unique atmosphere to the sea life in the tank, don’t forget to bring your camera to commemorate your dining experience at Coral Reef! This can be especially fun if your table is located closer to the tank!

1. The Tank Views

While some guests come to Coral Reef for the food, many come for the amazing views of the tank! This massive tank holds enough gallons of water to fill 54 Olympic-size swimming pools! Best of all, it is home to many varieties of ocean life – 85 species of tropical fish and 4,000 total creatures to be exact. While eating or waiting for your meal, keep checking up on the tank to see how many different creatures you can spot!
If you’ve never tried Coral Reef, why not make it part of your Epcot itinerary on your next visit? From the tasty food to the amazing views of thousands of sea creatures, this will be a dining experience you will always remember. What are some of your favorite parts about dining at the Coral Reef Restaurant at Epcot?

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