10 Things We Love about Test Track in Epcot’s Future World

Test Track

If you have a need for speed, Epcot’s Test Track ride is perfect for you. Guests flock to Test Track in droves to enjoy the hairpin turns and adrenaline bursts from zooming around an outdoor track in the sky. Read this list to learn the top ten reasons we are crazy about Test Track!

10. Test Track has a Waiting Line Predominately Indoors.

When park crowds are heavy, guests may experience outdoor wait times for Test Track. However, the ride line is shaded with the majority of the line being inside in the comfort of air conditioning. Fast past riders generally endure no outdoor wait times and are shuffled directly to the indoor waiting area.

9. Auto Enthusiasts Can Read About Chevrolet History and Products While Waiting.

Test Track is presented by Chevrolet. This means that Chevrolet history, factoids, automobile plans and testing protocols are displayed around the ride queue for guests to read. The car enthusiasts in my family seem to have as much fun learning about new Chevrolet concept cars and learning about the company history as they do actually experiencing the ride.

8. Riders Create Their Own Virtual Concept Car.

Prior to boarding the loading zone, guests create a custom concept car of their own design at touch screen stations. Concept car creation puts you in the shoes of designers as you select features on your car that will affect the overall capability and strength of the car. Guests build cars with criteria in mind. The criteria are handling, responsiveness, power and efficiency. After the nuts and bolts design is complete guests can add touches of color, sparkle and pizazz to their SIM car to make it their own. This simulation vehicle (SIM) is loaded to the actual ride car when guests board the ride.

7. The Single Rider Line Loads Quicker and Offers Shorter Wait Times.

The single rider line for Test Track often gets guests to the boarding platform much quicker. For parties that would rather split up to cut the wait time and maximize their time in Epcot, the single rider line is a great idea. My family of veteran Test Track riders often split up for single rider lines when we do not have fast passes in place to ride together.

6. The Fun Continues After the Ride in the Interactive “Second Spin” Activity Room.

The fun need not end when the ride is over! In the interactive second spin room guests can test their car designs in virtual races. Promote your vehicle in a showroom commercial that you can send to friends and family. Give your design another test in another virtual obstacle course and review your SIM car scores from the ride. No visit to a Chevrolet showroom would be complete without checking out the newest cars, trucks and SUVs Chevrolet is displaying in the showroom.

5. Test Track Is A Smooth Ride With No Drops.

One of the selling points of Test Track is that the ride has a high thrill factor with no sharp drops. Guests that fear the intensity of Splash Mountain and Tower of Terror can enjoy the gentler thrill of Test Track. Test Track takes guests on a rode filled with accelerations, sudden stops and rough road conditions. Guests must be at least 40 inches tall to ride.

4. Test Track Offers a Thrill for Teens at Epcot.

Test Track is one of two thrill rides at Epcot, this makes it a must do for teens looking for an adrenaline pumping ride experience. Test Track is so much fun teens may want more than one chance to scream round turns and accelerate through Future World. Snagging a fast pass then waiting in the stand by line or single rider line while the fast pass ride time rolls around is a great idea for guests hoping to enjoy the attraction multiple times.

3. The Ride Vehicles Seats Three Per Row.

Unlike many Disney attractions Test Track seats three adult riders to each row. This is a dream for groups of three taking on Walt Disney World together that generally must choose who the single rider is going to be on each attraction. The three roomy captain’s chair seats place guest comfortably in a car created for six passengers and don’t leave guests smashed into a bench seat as some attractions with three per row might. This ride vehicle of six makes it’s great ride option for large parties that are looking forward to riding together and having their priceless ride reactions captured in the same ride photo.

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2. The Ride is Conveniently Located in Future World.

Test Track is located in Future World, making it a great morning ride option for guests. Dashing directly to the ride at park opening is easy and helps guests skip lines later in the day. Located near Innoventions, Mouse Gear and Mission to Mars, guests can strategically plan ride times and fast pass trims around shopping taking time to cool off in stores before hopping on Test Track.

1. Competing In the Series of Road Tests With Virtual Cars Is Just As Much Fun As Experiencing the Actual Ride.

Many guests will tell you that competing against fellow riders with SIM cars is just as much fun as actually screaming through the ride itself. Each capability test that guests experience in the ride will score the capability of each virtual SIM car created by the riders in the car. Competing against family and friends riding with you and securing bragging rights for the day is so much fun. If your SIM car does not win the road tests in the ride you can always ask for a do over and experience Test Track again later that day.

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