10 Things We’d Prefer Weren’t a Part of the Disney Park Experience

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A Disney Park vacation is held to higher standards than other family trips. The excitement is bigger, the anticipation is greater, and the magical memories can last a lifetime. While there are many aspects of a Disney Park vacation that we as guests look forward to, there are also a few we could do without. In fact, the entire experience would be made so much better without the following 10 experiences.


10. Long Lines

Whether for attractions or for transportation, long lines are something most of us will face at some point during their trip. Even during slow periods, there will be time where your bus, boat, or monorail isn’t ready to leave when you are, or in some cases hasn’t even shown up yet. Standing around waiting cuts into time that could be spent enjoying the parks or relaxing at your hotel. Check out “9 Tips for Beating the Lines at Disney World.”

9. Book Dining Reservations Before You Leave

Guests who stay on Disney property can book their dining reservations up to 180 days in advance. Needless to say, not everyone plans their vacation that far ahead. For those looking to make a last minute trip, many of the highly sought after restaurants and dining times are already booked. How nice would it be to be able to walk up to Cinderella Castle or Chef Mickey without needing to make a reservation months in advance? Check out “Disney Dining Reservations 101: 8 Things You Need to Know!”

8. Tripping Over Child Leashes

Whether you agree with their use or not, child leashes parents sometimes use to keep their kids literally tethered to their side can get in the way of other guests trying to make their way through the parks. Especially with these kids darting out in front of you at the last second it’s easy to be tripped, or even clothes-lined, by these things. Enough already.

7. Getting Run Over By Strollers and Scooters

Who hasn’t been walking along on their way to an attraction and gotten bumped by a set of wheels? Stroller or scooter, there are always those guests who don’t watch where they’re going and smack into some poor, unsuspecting guests. Repeatedly. Some guests have even experienced the old hit and run, getting their feet run over as the set of wheels just keeps on rolling. With the number of strollers and scooters in use, the walkways are starting to look more like highways. Here’s an article on “Disney Stroller Etiquette 101.”

6. Rides Stopping Midway

It’s understandable when a ride needs to slow down or stop to let a guest on an attraction who needs assistance boarding. What we could all really do without is the unnecessary delays stuck in the same room with the same song playing over and over again. This especially tends to happen in the final rooms of Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean when the boats get backed up. If you didn’t have the song stuck in your head before, you sure do now. Although, when the music stops and the animatronic figures are still moving it can be a little creepy as well. Let’s just keep the rides moving.

5. Guests Who Cut The Line

We’ve all seen them. The guests who have to scoot ahead to meet up with the rest of their party, who has been holding the line for 10 extra people. Or sometimes these family members don’t actually exist and guests are just trying to move up as far as they can. While Cast Members tend to be on the lookout for those cutting the line, there are many areas during line queues in all four parks where Cast Members aren’t around. Even with security cameras, these guests never seem to get caught and just make the wait that much longer for the rest of us. (See #10)

4. Blisters and Sore Feet

Going to the Disney parks can be like running a marathon, except you don’t really notice how far you’ve actually walked. Disney vacations would be so much better if we didn’t feel completely exhausted and sore at the end of the day.

3. Sunburn

Likewise, we could all do without getting sunburnt on a trip to Disney. Whether in California or Florida, sunburn seems to be inevitable, unless you happen to be one of those lucky people who never burns. A bad sunburn can ruin the rest of your vacation, so we could certainly do without this Disney park experience.


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2. Weight Gain

With so many dining options, even healthy ones, it’s nearly impossible to visit the parks without gaining some amount of weight. With portion sizes, the variety of food to try, the plethora of snacks and the accessibility of it all being constantly in front of you, sticking to your usual diet can be a challenge. You’d think with all the walking around you do, you’d lose weight. Sadly, this is not the case, but wouldn’t that be magical?

1. Leaving the Parks

Of course, the top thing we’d prefer to not experience at the Disney parks is the time when the vacation ends and we have to go home. Regardless of any unpleasantness that may have happened, it’s still Disney and we still love it.

Even if you’ve experienced all 10 things listed above, a Disney vacation is still worth the trip and still leaves plenty of pleasant memories for you to take with you. But these 10 you can probably leave behind.


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