10 Things You May Be Missing in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom


There is a lot to do in the Magic Kingdom. You have six themed lands to explore, great restaurants to choose from, and plenty of rides to choose from. With all of the choices, it is easy to overlook some of the less popular things. This is true for the entire park, but here is our list of the ten things you may be missing when visiting Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland.

10 – Sweet Treats – Adventureland is home to two of the best treats on property – the Dole Whip and the Citrus Swirl. The Dole Whip is available at Aloha Isle (located just behind the Magic Carpets of Aladdin) and the Citrus Swirl is available at the Sunshine Tree Terrace (opposite from Swiss Family Treehouse). Debate is fierce as to what dessert is the best, but the best diplomacy is to get both as a compromise!

9 – Spitting Camels – the two camels that face toward the entrance of Adventureland as you approach Magic Carpets of Aladdin will spit at guests. If you look down at the ground, you will see the puddles from their spitting. If you aren’t aware that the camels spit, it may catch you off guard, but standing in the spit zone may be a good place to cool off quickly on a hot day in the Magic Kingdom.

8 – Enchanted Tiki Room – this show used to be a headliner attraction of the entire Magic Kingdom, but as more attractions have been added, it has waned in popularity. It is a still a fantastic attraction and rarely has a wait. On a hot, long day, it is a great place to sit down, cool off, and relax while enjoying a great show with good music and some fantastic Animatronics!

7 – Hunt for Hidden Treasure – the Pirate Adventure is an interactive adventure that allows guests to search around Adventureland for hidden treasure. You pick up a treasure map over by Pirates of the Caribbean and follow the clues and hunt for where “X” marks the spot!

6 – Holiday Cruise – every holiday season the Jungle Cruise is transformed into the holiday-themed “Jingle Cruise.” Not only are festive decorations added to the attraction, but the entire script the skippers follow is edited to reflect the holiday season. It is a great holiday overlay and if you are going to be in the Magic Kingdom, be sure to check it out!

5 – Lip Smacking Food – with the revamps of many Magic Kingdom menu items, one seasonal offering had its menu changed and it is located in Adventureland. Guests who are visiting during a busy time of the year should be sure to check out the Tortuga Tavern, located opposite of Pirates of the Caribbean. Guests can enjoy a variety of BBQ-inspired offerings here.

4 – Characters Galore – when you think of characters to meet at the Magic Kingdom, we are confident that Adventureland is not the first place that jumps into your mind, but guests shouldn’t overlook it because there are many character meet and greets that go on here. Guests can meet Tarzan and Jane, Aladdin and Abu, and can even pose for pictures with Captain Jack Sparrow!

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3 – Sorcerer Portals – Adventureland is home to some of the magic portals for the interactive park-wide game, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Even if you don’t elect to play the game (which you should, its great fun!), trying to find the locations of the portals can be a challenge on its own, but also watching the animation in each of the portals is fun, too!

2 – Unique Gifts – unlike other areas of the Magic Kingdom, Adventureland has a different vibe when it comes to souvenirs. Guests can shop at a variety of locations throughout the land and find gifts with a little bit more flair and culture to them than they can find in other areas of the park. Also, if you lost or forgot your sunglasses and don’t mind the price tag, guests can even shop for the latest from Sunglass Hut at Island Supply!

1 – Treetop Viewing – this is the best kept secret of Adventureland. Do not overlook the Swiss Family Treehouse – it is a fun walkthrough and the design choices are interesting, too, but the best part of the entire treehouse is if you visit during Wishes at night as guests will be treated to a wonderful and unique view of the fireworks that rivals what guests can see directly in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

Adventureland is about to change drastically with the opening of the Skipper Canteen. This new restaurants is certain to draw more crowds to Adventureland. So, if crowds are large the next time you’re there, be sure to try one or two of these things that you may be missing! We know you won’t regret it!

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