10 Things You May Have Missed at EPCOT

Karamell-Küche (Credit: Disney)

Epcot is quickly becoming the center of the festival universe at Disney World with guests getting to choose amongst five different festivals throughout the calendar year.  Attempting to capitalize on the festivals at Epcot, there are few days of the calendar year when there is NOT a festival going on.  With all of these festivals, food booths, kiosks, and topiaries dotting the landscape of Future World and World Showcase, it is easy to overlook some other things visiting Disney World’s second gate.  Here is our list of ten things you may have missed at Epcot!

1. Katsura Grill

Hidden away in the back of the Japan Pavilion, Katsura Grill is easily overlooked because you cannot see it from World Showcase Promenade.  Guests will definitely want to take a break to grab a tasty snack from inside the quick service eatery.  There is some seating inside, but much more enjoyable seating outside.  At the end of your snack, take some time to enjoy the meandering pathways around the koi ponds before heading back out to tackle your next country!

Katsura Grill (Credit: Disney)

2. International Gateway

Unless you are a guest staying at one of the Crescent Lake resorts, International Gateway is easily overlooked as both a quick entrance to the park, but also as a wonderful area of Epcot to explore.  We love taking a break from walking around and hopping aboard the Skyliner and visiting the Rivera Resort for a drink and a snack, or just exploring the World Traveler store right at the gates to the park looking for the perfect souvenir!

3. Canada Pavilion/Shopping

Much like parts of the Japan Pavilion, the Canada Pavilion is easily overlooked because it requires guests to climb some stairs before being able to discover all that the pavilion has to offer — our first stop is always the beverage cart out front for a delicious and refreshing Canadian lager, but we also enjoy exploring the store and overlooking the waterfall over the rock formations in the back of the pavilion.  And when HarmonioUS begins, the elevated platform is a great spot to watch any nighttime spectacular.

Canada Waterfall Disney
Canada Pavilion

4. Sunshine Seasons

Located on the ground floor of the Land Pavilion, Sunshine Seasons is a great place to grab any meal of the day!  Guests can find a varied selection of food for every palette, so even the pickiest eater can be satisfied.  Some of the dishes are even served with food that is grown and harvested at Epcot!  We would also highly encourage guests wanting to dine here to utilize the mobile order function through My Disney Experience!

5. Spice Road Table

We continue to scratch our head about why Spice Road Table doesn’t draw huge crowds, but while it doesn’t, you’ll want to make sure it is on your touring plan for your next trip.  Located in Morocco on the banks of the World Showcase Lagoon, Spice Road Table invites guests to taste amazing tapas in a relaxed setting while also enjoying amazing views of the lagoon both during the day and night!

6. Karamel Küche

Located spitting distance from our other favorite part of the Germany Pavilion (the grapefruit beer, obviously), Karamel Küche invites guests to sample on delicious sweets, chocolates, and caramel.  This is a great stop for guests looking for a small snack to help tide them over, as well as a great stop for something sweet to have after you return to your resort.  After grabbing your sweet treat, we would also recommend checking out the other retail locations inside of Germany because they all offer great souvenirs!

7. The Tea Caddy

Better known in my family as the British Candy Shop, the Tea Caddy has a variety of teas for guests to purchase, but also delicious sweets and chocolates, as well as a rotating variety of unique merchandise from the United Kingdom.  This is a great place to check out after you’ve grabbed a pint at the Rose and Crown, or, while you are waiting for the line to die down to get inside!

The Tea Caddy (Credit: Disney)

8. Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie

The bakery located in the back of the France Pavilion was long ignored by me to my detriment.  Depending on what you are looking for, this quick service location has a variety of appetizers and desserts for guests to enjoy, but one dessert stands above the rest — the chocolate hazelnut stuffed beignet.  The name is somewhat of a misnomer.  Every guest will know what chocolate hazelnut spread is inside the beignet after one bit, but when you head beignet, you think, small, manageable, and practically bite-size.  Not so here.  This beignet more closely resembles a powder donut — definitely suitable for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

9. American Adventure/American Heritage Gallery

The American Adventure houses a host of activity for guests looking for a respite from the walk around World Showcase.  The American Gardens Theatre hosts a selection of entertainment so guests can enjoy the shade and get off of their feet, but inside the pavilion, guests can explore the American Heritage Gallery which features a rotating collection of exhibits about North America and the United States, while the American Adventure itself invites guests into an Audio-Animatronic hosted story of the United States.  Any of these three options are enjoyable on a day at Epcot!

American Adventure
Credit: Disney

10. Streets of Morocco

Morocco has one of the most intricately themed pavilions at Epcot.  We enjoy walking around the streets and exploring the shops and buildings inside.  Every time we take this diversion, we re-discover something we have forgotten or discover something completely new!

Have you experienced all ten of these things at Epcot or have some eluded you on your trips?  What is your favorite possibly overlooked thing to do when you’re in the park?

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