10 Things You Should Know About Going through Security at Disney Parks

Going through bag check and security when entering a Walt Disney World park likely is not your favorite part of the day. No need to dread this Disney must do. Follow this list of tips to pass through bag check as quickly and efficiently as possible.

10. Going Bag-less has Advantages

If you have the option of not taking a bag in the park, prepare to skip the bag check line. Sure, going bag free for the day is not an option for every guest. However, you may consider skipping the bag if you are staying the parks for only a short amount of time or if you plan on snagging all your snacks and drinks in the park.

9. Strollers with Bags Are Checked

Be prepared for under seat compartments in strollers to be checked as well as bags attached to strollers. Pulling out these bags to prepare them for the check saves everyone time.

8. Pay Attention in Line

As with any line at Walt Disney World, the bag check line moves much quicker and easier if guests pay attention and are prepared to move up in line. Standing in line is boring, but resist the urge to glue your eyes to your cell phone. Pay attention and react to the moving bag check line and you will be zipping through security in no time!

7. Unzip Your Bag before Reaching the Table

This tip is a biggie for me. Utilize your time standing in line to unzip your bags to save time when you reach the bag check table. The exception to this tip is of course folks traveling with bags packed so full of goodies that unzipping it away from a table will result in items rolling everywhere. Still, taking the time to unzip as many pockets as possible on purses, backpacks, camera bags etc. will save everyone in the line precious park time.

6. Don’t Try to Sneak In Things Outlawed in Parks

Do yourself a favor and pay attention to the list of no- go items for Disney parks. Security does diligently check each guest and will ask you to throw away banned items or leave the park if you are caught trying to bring inappropriate items in the park. Add in the fact that everyone in your party and everyone behind you in the bag check line will be irritated, just follow the rules and avoid a bad day at Walt Disney World.

5. Yes, that Means Alcohol

Unlike many other theme parks, Walt Disney World welcomes guests bringing their own food and drinks into the park. The exception to this rule is of course, alcohol. With the addition of Be Our Guest restaurant to new Fantasyland a few years ago, alcohol is now available for purchase in each of the Walt Disney World theme parks. Over the years, I have seen quite a few guests attempt to sneak alcohol into the parks unsuccessfully. Regardless of where you try to hide your drinks, security will find them. Save yourself the money and the heartache of throwing your favorite beer in the park entrance trash and do not try to sneak it through security.

4. Be Courteous

Some of my favorite interactions with cast members over the years have been at the security check stations entering the parks. I love quickly chatting with the security officers; in my experience, they are always upbeat and fun. This means there is even more reason to be polite and responsive to the requests of park security. They are here to keep you safe and ensure you have a fun vacation.

3. Help Kids through the Checkpoint

Remember to help your children through the security checkpoint. Better yet, send small children through the no bag line with another guardian while one adult takes the stroller and bag through the check line for a quicker, easier check.

Bonus Tip!

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2. Step Out of the Way after Passing Bag Check

I am as guilty of this as anyone. After passing through bag check you likely have unzipped compartments and bags not yet strapped to your body. Make sure to step out of the way of the bag check line before zipping bags. Blocking the bag check exit will be frustrating for guests exiting the line behind you.

1. Consider Meeting Your Party on the Other Side of the Entrance Gates

In keeping with the last tip, consider keeping the entrance lines flowing by agreeing to meet your party members on the other side of the entrance gate. The area between bag check and the ticket gate can be chaotic during times when swells of guests are entering the park. Save yourself, the time and headache of attempting to locate travel partners between bag check and entrance gates.

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