10 Things You’ll Love About the Renovated Rooms at Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Pop Century Resort
Disney's Pop Century Resort

Guests of the Pop Century Resort at Disney World usually have two thoughts in mind when making the choice to stay here during their vacation – cost and convenience. As one of the value resorts, the Pop Century is a more affordable choice of accommodations for cost-conscious visitors. The resort also offers one food court and three pools, which means families won’t be fighting over where to eat, and there is always a pool not far from your room – two things that are very convenient. Recently however, the Pop Century began a renovation of all of its rooms, making some changes that give the rooms a cleaner, sleeker design and feel. In addition, there were a number of small touches that improved overall room functionality. Here are a few of the things you’ll love about the renovated rooms at Disney’s Pop Century Resort:

1. New Flooring

The carpet is gone, and in its place is a laminate wood flooring that is a huge improvement. The floors are easy for mousekeeping to clean, as well as being easy for guests to see that they are clean. You won’t have to worry about the bottom of your feet or socks getting blackened with grime from old carpeting. And you will probably breathe a little easier too. The new floors are not just cleaner but healthier for guests.

2. The Murphy Bed

This one has been catching a little flak from some guests, but I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the functionality of this change. One of the guest beds is a traditional bed, but the other bed is now a Murphy bed that pulls down from the wall. When the bed is raised, the room feels huge! Without a second bed in the way, there is a lot of room to move about. The Murphy bed’s built-in desk provides a convenient place to work, eat, or just sit and chat. When lowered, the desk collapses to become the support for the Murphy bed. And it’s just as comfy as the traditional bed!

3. Beds Fit for a Queen

Another change that Disney made and that guests will absolutely love is that they increased the size of the beds from two doubles to two queens. Both the traditional bed and the Murphy bed are queen-sized. What else is there to say? More room for sleeping, more room for relaxing and watching TV, or more room for having breakfast in bed. Feel free to spread out with all that extra room!

4. Pantry Area

Disney installed a piece of furniture right inside the entrance of the room that provides a little more storage than the old rooms had. It could be called a pantry based on the fact that it holds the room refrigerator and coffee maker. This additional piece not only provides a convenient place to keep food items, but the added shelf space makes it easy to keep track of any other item that you like to keep handy for your days in the parks, such as MagicBands, park maps, or Disney celebration buttons.

5. Glass-Front Refrigerator

The room refrigerator that Pop Century has provided now comes with a clear glass front, which allows to you take stock of your food inventory without opening the refrigerator door. And of course, that makes it a lot harder to forget items in the refrigerator upon check out. Such a small change, but a very useful one!

6. Improved Bathroom Area

The bathrooms in the value resorts tend to be fairly small, but the redesign of the Pop Century’s bathroom made a big difference in its feel. New sinks and countertops, along with new fixtures, give the space a more luxurious feel than you’ll typically get in a resort room at this price point. Additionally, the sink area can be closed off from the bedroom area, and in turn the shower / toilet area can be closed off from the sink area. This is certainly helpful when more than one person needs to get ready at the same time.

7. Space-Saving Doors

To separate the areas inside the room, Pop Century installed space-saving doors that are not only functional but add a nice design touch. Pocket doors between the sink area and the shower / toilet area maximize the space available in both rooms. A sliding barn-style door was installed between the bedroom area and the sink area, which can make the bedroom area more cozy or provide privacy to someone needing to use the sink.

8. Large Shower

This one could be considered a bit controversial for some families, but the bathtub in our room was gone and in its place was a nice, large walk-in shower. Additional improvements included a shower head with a handheld sprayer attachment, a linear shower drain cover, and sliding barn-style shower door. Other rooms may retain the tubs, but with children who can take showers, this worked extremely well for our family.

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9. Improved Storage

Another improvement in the Pop Century renovated rooms was the additional storage that the space offered. In addition to the aforementioned pantry, the room provides a dresser for clothing, cubbies underneath the nightstands, an open closet with clothes hanging bar and shelves just inside the bathroom area, and a number of small storage spaces in the bathroom cabinet. While this means you’ve got more to look through before you leave on check-out day, it’s nice to have so many options for getting your clutter out of the way.

10. Artwork

The room had a couple of pieces of framed artwork that provided a distinctly Disney touch to complete the feel of the space. A Warhol-esque series of three Mickey heads in various colors was hanging above the traditional bed. The other artwork was above the Murphy bed and only visible when the bed was in the lowered position. Appropriately enough, it featured Pluto sleeping on a pillow and dreaming of bones!

The Pop Century Resort stepped up its game with the new design of its renovated rooms, and guests of the resort are likely to clamor for the upgraded spaces. This Disney value resort now provides more value than ever!

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