How To Help Keep Your Family Safe On Future Trips To Disney World

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While Disney Springs has started a phased reopening, the rest of Disney World Resort remains closed until further notice. But don’t worry – now’s the time to consider how you’ll keep yourself and your family safe during your future visit.

Full disclaimer – we aren’t experts on the pandemic! This article will simply put forward some common sense tips to minimize your risk, so be sure to add them to your itinerary. And there’s no need to let them burden your adventure – simply think of them as new ‘bare necessities’!

6. Practice Excellent Hygiene

Good hygiene goes without saying. However, it’s all too easy to become complacent and forget to do things like washing your hands properly. With that said, it’s likely that most people are now as well-trained in the art of hand-washing as Master Yoda is in the ways of the Force.

Nevertheless, while in the resort, continue to scrub those things as thoroughly as Snow White scrubs the floor of the Wicked Step Mother’s castle. But it’s not all about hand washing – make sure you also safely dispose of any tissues or wipes and don’t touch your face unless your hands are practically and perfectly clean.

5. Avoid ‘Contact Points’

Contact points are one of the two most common ways in which a virus spreads, the other being exposure to someone who’s infected. A contact point can be many things, such as door handles, barriers in a queuing system or the bar at a coffee shop – anything that people touch frequently.

Unfortunately, avoiding contact points isn’t always possible, and a lot of the time you’ll forget not to touch them. But there are a few ways to create a protective barrier – like wearing disposable gloves, using hand sanitizer immediately afterwards, or simply avoiding that contact point in the first place, if it’s possible.

4. Carry Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has become as scarce as fairy dust. Okay, that might be a little exaggeration, as it is far more obtainable than it was several weeks ago. And while we don’t condone ‘panic buying’, be sure to take enough with you on your next visit to Disney World.

If this proves difficult, don’t worry – the resort will have countless hand sanitizer stations when it reopens. But remember that it’s no substitute for good old fashioned soap and water. There are also some equally effective hand wipes you could purchase offline.

3. Check Official Guidelines

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The official Disney World Resort website currently has a lot of information regarding the viral crisis. Even if you don’t plan on visiting in the next year or so, staying in the know now can help you know what to expect and how best to prepare for the future.

It might also help you shape your next visit. While we don’t know when the resort is expected to fully reopen, one thing remains certain – things will be very different when it does, and taking this into consideration when building an itinerary will ultimately prove invaluable.

2. Check Out What Procedures Are In Place At The Time

This tip applies more to actually being in the resort. Guidelines will continue through to reopening, and perhaps they’ll never end. The viral crisis will – and in many ways already has – become a part of normal life, which means that we’ll all have to remain vigilant until it’s over.

While in the resort, follow all posted instructions – there will be plenty. It’s reasonable to think that strict guidelines and safety measures might dampen your experience, but remember that they exist not only to ensure your safety, but so that you can also enjoy yourself at the same time.

1. Avoid Using Cash

The use of cash, whether coin or paper, has been widely discouraged during the viral crisis, as it’s just like those ‘contact points’ – it can serve as a transmission point for infections. So, where possible, try to avoid using it on your visit. Luckily, as we live in the world of tomorrow, this is relatively easy.

However, this tip may very well be redundant by the time the resort fully reopens, as it’s possible Disney World could remove the use of cash altogether. Is this likely? Probably not. But it is possible. After all, if it will help protect Guests against infection, Disney will at the very least entertain the idea.

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All these tips can be easily adopted during your next visit to Disney World. Small as they may seem, they’ll go a long way in minimizing the risk for you and your family, which will in turn reduce the risk for others.

But rest assured that Disney World has already started making big changes, piloting them through the phased reopening of Disney Springs – limited parking, reduced entrances, temperature screenings, face masks, social distancing, reduced hours and the implementation of hygiene stations.In the meantime, stay safe, and keep on dreaming all things Disney!

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