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10 Tips For Doing Disney Like A Pro

When it comes to a Disney World vacation, there are plenty of factors to consider. From resorts and attractions to meal reservations, relaxing on a vacation can actually seem like a challenge! While the stress of a vacation may be a threat, it can definitely be avoided. Here are ten basic guidelines to help you experience the maximum amount of Disney magic!

10) Eat what you want. Walt Disney World is known for a lot of wonderful attributes, but one of its most impressive features is its ever-present food. Meals, snacks, and refreshments can be found virtually everywhere in the Disney parks (as well as Downtown Disney and the BoardWalk), and there’s a delicious treat for everyone. If you have medical conditions that absolutely require a diet, then embrace Disney’s healthier options, but now is not the time to start a new one. Vacations are for fun! Relax and enjoy your Mickey waffle–you’ll be walking a lot anyway.

9) Remember the classics. From Pirates of the Caribbean to as far back as The Carousel of Progress, there are plenty of rides that have earned their popularity at Walt Disney World. You may want to sprint to Expedition Everest, but try to visit the older rides too; they are still there for a reason!

8) Understand your own limits. There is a difference between opening your mind to new thrills and developing unrealistic expectations. If you know that the Tower of Terror is a famous ride, but you are also uncomfortable with heights, don’t board the ride just because it’s a popular one! Do the activities that genuinely excite you, and if you really do want to test your limits, do it gradually. This doesn’t just apply to rides either; if a packed schedule sounds like work more than play, skip it for a slightly more relaxed agenda.

7) Always use sunblock. All it takes is one forgotten area to cause painful sensitivity, peeling, or worse–sun poisoning. Everyone should wear sun protection in a hot, sunny place like Walt Disney World, but if you have particularly fair skin–or if you just lack self-control when it comes to reapplying–you should also bring hats and cover-ups, even on cloudy days. Remember to protect your feet and the backs of your knees!

6) Don’t neglect your resort. Walt Disney World does, of course, have a reputation for its parks, but the place that you call home during your stay can also be just as magical! With activities for every age, movie showings, themed pools, and fantastic food, you should definitely take a day or two to slow down and enjoy your home away from home.

5) Plan ahead, at least a little. Not everyone enjoys task lists, but before you throw away the agenda, try to develop a general idea of your vacation. Do you see yourself sunbathing, or do you see yourself shopping? Are you excited to see a certain character or a ride? Ideally, you should be able to do everything that sounds fun, but having a mental image of your overall goals–no matter how basic–can be surprisingly helpful.

4) Remember stage shows. Yes, rides like Splash Mountain are absolute musts on a Disney vacation–but they’re not Walt Disney World’s only signature. Take a break during your day to experience some musical numbers in The Festival of the Lion King, or catch the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular for some comedic thrills! Use these to escape heat during the middle of the day, but take note: you probably won’t be the only visitor with this idea–so get there early.

3) Visit other resorts. Delicious food and beautiful scenery can be found throughout Walt Disney World, and its resorts are no exception. Make reservations for meals at different resorts, and if you have dietary restrictions, have no fear; the employees at other resorts will be just as helpful as your own!

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2) Prioritize. Yes, picking the best Disney attractions can be as difficult as picking the best type of chocolate, but it is very easy to become overwhelmed or disheartened without viable goals. When you select a park to visit, pick a few rides that you simply cannot envision a Disney vacation without, and make those your FastPass+ choices in advance. The rest of your time–besides meal reservations–will be free from pressure and to-do lists!

1) Give yourself some freedom! Nothing will ruin a vacation quite like stress, and running from place to place during your day definitely qualifies. A longer vacation–or at least a vacation with gaps in between each activity– will allow you to sit down, reapply sunblock, have snacks, watch street shows, and most importantly: absorb the magic!

Every Disney visitor is different, and so is every Disney vacation. Some people may love the idea of a strict schedule, but if you prefer the more low-maintenance trip, these ten tips might be all you need!

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