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10 Walt Disney World Rules You Should Always Follow

A trip to Walt Disney World is one of the most exciting vacations ever devised. So much prep and planning goes into action even before you’ve stepped foot on the resort. As magical and wonderful as Disney World is, there are a few rules and guidelines you should follow before taking on the parks. These rules are to ensure guests have a safe and magical time while visiting the Disney Parks. While a good time is guaranteed, there is always possibility of the occasional fowl-up or accident. So strap in, hold on to the safety bar, and keep all arms in legs inside the ride at all times, these are the ten Disney rules you should always follow.


10. Location, Location, Location

With an area of 40 square miles, Disney World is no small prize. Nearly the size of San Francisco, the resort covers a great deal of ground. No matter the park, it can be very easy to get lost. Novice park goers, and even a few seasoned Mousketeers, should obtain a map upon entering any one of the four parks. Not just a tool for navigation towards one’s favorite ride or attraction, they allow quicker and easier ways to locate and access emergency exits, guest services, restrooms, and first-aid stations. No matter the circumstance, it’s always wise to know where you are and get your bearings.

9. Tickets Please

Every vacationer knows the only way into any of the Disney Parks is with a pass or Magic Band. Magic Bands are easier to manage, but they should be given just as much care as a park pass. These pieces of plastic basically determine the fate of your trip, without your pass or band, you will not be allowed to enter the parks. If you purchase a Magic Band for your trip, keep it tight on your wrist when in use, and be sure to store it in a secure place when you are not. Park passes can easily be stored in wallets or bags, but can easily be misplaced. Guest services can assist if one of these items get lost, but diligence is the best method to avoid unneeded vacation stress.

8. Stop, Look, and Listen

Because of the massive amount of Disney fans, the parks are without a doubt a place for crowds. An average of 52,964 people visit the parks a day, and that’s just a statistic. With so many people going every which way they please, it’s easy to run in to someone, trip over something, or fall and get hurt. This is easily remedied with some basic crosswalk safety; stop, look, and listen. Stop, to locate a clear path. Look out for passing pedestrians. And listen to be aware of your surroundings. Keep these simple tips in mind, and collisions can be easily avoided, providing a safe way to get from place to place in the park, no matter how big the crowd.


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7. Take the Straight and Narrow Path

Jumping off our previous tip, getting from A to B can be a bit of a trek. The easiest way to manage your way through the parks is to stay on the indicated walkways and paths through the area. Though it is tempting to cut across sidewalks and under store-fronts, it is also incredibly easy to run into someone, and possibly get hurt. It is much safer and smarter to use the wide paths that connect different areas of the parks. This is especially true when everyone makes the mass exodus at the end of the day. In order to make a safe and orderly journey as you travel here, there, and yonder, stay on the right path.

6. Don’t Rush a Good Time

The quickest way to spoil a day at Disney is to try to run-go-do your way through the park. As stated before, the parks are enormous environments with lots to do and lots to see. Even if you rush through everything, you still will not get to see it all. Don’t try to run and cram everything all in a heap. Relax, pace yourself, and enjoy every ounce of magic the Disney Parks have to offer. Everyone has places they wanna see, running around and trying to push and shove through everything is not going to improve anyone’s trip. Stop, take a deep breath, and just enjoy the day.

5. All Together Now

This rule mainly applies to guests and park-goers traveling with more than one party member. Flocks of people go to the Disney Parks every day, it can be very easy for someone to get separated and lost from the group. This can be particularly hazardous for any groups with young children. When traveling in a group, staying together is a no-brainer, but if at some point your party should separate, be sure to pick a meet up location. This can prevent any stress or separation anxieties, no pun intended.

4. Pull Yourself Together

When visiting the parks, many guest bring a bag of things they might need throughout the day. Things like protein bars, water bottles, umbrellas, or anything they might need when adventuring through the parks. However, it should also be noted that when packing said bag to only pack the essentials. It can be a major headache and hassle trying to wrestle too many things into and out of a small bag. Do not over pack, and remember to save some room for anything extra you might need to carry out. Keep it simple, pack only what you know you might need.

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3. Quench Your Thirst

No matter what time of the year you go, Orlando will always be a bit on the warm side. If you add the Orlando heat with constant schlepping through the Disney Parks, you get a recipe for exhaustion. With temperatures reaching to the low nineties on the mildest days, dehydration and heat stroke are both real possibilities. One of the most important things you can do on your Disney trip is to keep your thirst at bay. If you aren’t packing a water bottle to tame your thirst, be sure to visit any of the concessions in the parks, ice water is free. Be smart, keep yourself happy, healthy, and hydrated.

2. Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride

Everyone’s familiar with the cardinal rules of theme park rides. “Keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.” Although this line is often mimicked or mocked in a comical tone, it is still a serious rule. In the past, people have been injured on certain rides. It is a rarity, but it has happened. Accidents can most easily be avoided if one follows cast member instructions and ride etiquette. In case of lack of the previously stated factors, simply use your common sense. If the ride is in motion, stay seated and enjoy it.

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1. Cast Members are Your Friends

The biggest rule for visiting any Disney Park: be good to your cast members. It’s their job to ensure the happiness of every guest, which is not always an easy task. They go to great lengths to ensure everything is satisfactory, including putting up with some unsightly and impolite guest behaviors. If you ever need or have an issue with anything, find a cast member. They can give you tips, show you where you need to go, provide essential information, and even help you find a specific souvenir or piece of merchandise. They are more than just park employees, they are Disney fans dedicated to making your experience magical. Listen to them, take their advice, and thank them often.

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