Ways A Disney Trip Is Far Superior To Other Vacation Options

A vacation at Walt Disney World is filled with exciting rides, entertaining attractions, excellent shopping opportunities, delightful dining choices, and the most important ingredient making a Disney Vacation so special is “magic”! A WDW vacation is an unforgettable experience that brings joy and happiness to every person who enters this “most magical place on earth”. Here are 10 ways a Disney trip is far superior to other vacation options.

10. Location

Walt Disney World is located in one of the most vacation-friendly states in our country, Florida, aptly nicknamed the “Sunshine State”. The subtropical climate means a lot of sun, and rain usually comes in the form of occasional afternoon thundershowers. Unlike other states, the rain in Florida is a welcome relief from the humidity and heat which dominates the spring and summer months. One good thing about the rain in Florida is that it comes and goes in a relatively short period of time. It lasts just long enough to break out the ponchos, but not long enough to keep them on. There can be some cold days in winter, but very rarely are the temperatures below freezing. Florida and Walt Disney World go together like Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse!

9. Safety

Walt Disney World is one of the safest amusement parks in the world, due to the fact that cast members at all Disney Parks and Resorts undergo extensive training in their area of expertise, with the focus being on three elements to insure that visitors stay safe: expertise, monitoring, and awareness. There are Warning signs located throughout the theme Parks and at the entrance of most attractions. “Stay seated and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle or boat at all times” is the most common warning which can be heard often. Every attraction is monitored from beginning to end to insure the safety of every guest, and every safety belt is checked before the ride begins.. Safety at Walt Disney World is not just a word; it is a priority.

8. Medical Safeguards

Medical safeguards are another important reason Walt Disney World is far above other amusement parks. Each theme park has a small First-Aid station usually located close to the Park entrance with a nurse available during normal operating hours. These First-Aid centers provide guests with over the counter medicines, band aids, over the counter medicines for quick remedies. For more serious illnesses, 911 emergency services are nearby and ready to respond at a moment’s notice. Also, AED’s (Automated External Defibrillators) are located throughout each Disney Park and Resorts. In-room medical services are available at all Walt Disney Resort Hotels. Florida Hospital Centra Care Walk-in Urgent Care Centers are open 8am-midnight, Monday through Friday, and 8am-8pm, Saturday and Sunday. Complimentary transportation is also available. Aches and pains are no deterrent to having a great time at Walt Disney World.

7. Childcare

A Disney vacation is far superior to other vacation destinations for many reasons, one of which is the excellent attention to childcare options. Even though Walt Disney World is the most family-friendly amusement park in the world, Mom and Dad may want to take advantage of an opportunity for some alone time. With that in mind, Walt Disney World offers several choices in this area. Several of the Disney Resorts have supervised Children’s Activity Centers, where children aged 3-12 can enjoy making crafts, playing games, watch Disney movies, and even enjoy dinner, and snacks. The fee is nominal and the hours are usually between 4:30 pm-midnight daily, with a minimum of 2 hours. “Kids Night Out” in-room childcare is offered at Walt Disney Resorts and provides a professional well trained staff member to supervise your children (ages 6 months to 12 years) with no limit to how many hours you may utilize the caregiver services; however, there is a 4-hour minimum. All caregivers are over the age of 18 and certified in child/infant CPR and basic first aid. The fees vary with the number of children, transportation fee, and an additional $2 fee for hours after 9pm. Some parents take advantage of this service to enjoy a night out and celebrate a special anniversary.

6. Dining Options

The dining options at Walt Disney World far outweigh the dining options at other theme parks. In the Magic Kingdom alone there are approximately 30 dining choices, including snacks, counter service, and full service restaurants. Hollywood, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot offer even more dining experiences. Whatever you may be in the mood for, you will find it at any theme park, and the variety of delicious menu items is extraordinary. From fresh hot popcorn to a sizzling sirloin steak; you will satisfy your cravings at any Walt Disney World Park or Resort. Disney also offers a Dining Plan that you can choose to include with your Vacation Package, which allows you to pre-pay for all your meals. During certain promotion periods, the Dining Plan option is free, which amounts to a fantastic discount on your Package Deal. At any of the four theme parks at Walt Disney World, you are never very far away from a snack cart or restaurant where you can relax and enjoy a quick bite or a full meal.

5. Four Theme Parks In One

No other Vacation Destination that I know of offers four major theme parks in one area. Walt Disney World includes the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood, and the Animal Kingdom. Each theme park is filled with excitement, entertainment, and attractions that thrill any guest, young and old. No matter which park you visit, you will leave with memories that will last a lifetime.

4. Transportation

I know of no other amusement park in this country where varied forms of transportation are offered to guests on and off property. For those guests who are staying at a Disney Resort, there is bus, boat, and monorail transportation. For guests who are not staying at a Disney Resort, there is transportation from the parking lot to the main entrance via tram cars and from the Ticket and Transportation Center, guests are transported to the Magic Kingdom via monorail or ferry boat. From the Magic Kingdom guests can ride the Monorail to Epcot, to select Disney Resorts, or back to the Magic Kingdom. If you are not visiting Epcot, you will have to disembark the Monorail, and walk around to the Monorail entrance back to the Magic Kingdom. The same goes for the buses. You can catch a bus to Hollywood, Epcot, or Animal Kingdom, but you have to have tickets to enter these parks, unless you have purchased the Park Hopper option. Buses and an express monorail to the Resorts are also available to any guest. From most Disney Resorts you can ride a bus to Downtown Disney for a really unique shopping experience. So, whether you are a Disney Resort guest or not, several transportation choices are available for your convenience. Check out “Boats, Monorails and Busses Oh My! 4 Things You Need to Know About Disney Transportation.”

3. Shopping

Shopping, shopping, and more shopping! At Walt Disney World, you can choose from the smallest souvenir or toy to the most elegant jewelry and every kind of merchandise in between. Every theme Park has its own unique themed souvenirs, plus a multitude of Disney character themed items, like t-shirts, kitchen items, clothing, hats, toys, plush animals, etc. The choices are endless and most are only available at Disney Parks. In addition to shopping at the Parks, there is Resort shopping, and one of the most exciting places to shop, dine, or play is “Downtown Disney”, soon to be renamed “Disney Springs”. The Downtown Disney transformation into Disney Springs is a dynamic project that will turn this Disney shopping experience into a Disney shopping adventure. There will be even more stores, more dining choices, and more exhilarating entertainment than ever before, so feel free to “shop till you drop”.

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2. Attractions

There are almost 150 rides and attractions at Walt Disney World, spread out over four themed Parks: the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood, and Animal Kingdom. There are thrill rides, rides parents and toddlers can ride together, indoor and outdoor stage shows, parades, and a fireworks show every night. There are train rides, boat rides, flying rocket, carpet, and elephant rides, “Meet and Greet” sessions with many of the Disney characters and Princesses. You can also ride on a sleek, smooth monorail or take a trip around Tomorrowland on an elevated continuously moving tram car called a People Mover. Each ride or attraction has its own story to tell, while taking the guests on a unique and entertaining adventure. No other amusement park can offer attractions featuring characters from classes Disney films and books. Where else can you go and visit with Cinderella, Snow White, Elsa, Anna, and Olaf, or ride on Peter Pan’s Flight, in a giant Winnie the Pooh Honey Pot, on a mine car ride with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, just to name a few of the magical attractions at Walt Disney World.

1. Walter Elias Disney and Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney once said “I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing—that it was all started by a mouse”. No other amusement park can give total credit for their success to one man and his friend, a mouse. The Disney/Mickey influence on all Disney projects, especially the Disney Parks cannot be copied or duplicated by anyone or anything. The Disney characters are cherished by children and adults alike. Most adults grew up with Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan and many other characters, and now they are reliving those Disney memories with their children and grandchildren. Generations of families return to Walt Disney World year after year, to recapture those memories and share them with each new family addition. Many family reunions are held at this “most magical place on earth”.

Walt Disney World, without a doubt, is far superior to any other amusement park. It is filled with thrills, chills, and the spirit of a man whose dream of a magical place that families could enjoy together inspired him to create Disneyland. He also envisioned another futuristic world called Epcot, which, after his passing, became a part of Walt Disney World, along with the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood, and Animal Kingdom. All the other Disney Parks were added later. In my opinion, Walt Disney World would have been another dream come true for this extraordinary visionary named Walter Elias Disney.

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