10 Ways to Get Fit for Disney

Magic Kingdom
Magic Kingdom

In case you are unaware, Disney World is a big place. Lots to do and see on your trip there – In fact, visitors walk an estimated 5-8 miles a day. To make sure you can get to all the attractions, shows, and rides, you will need to have plenty of energy. You want to be at your best when visiting a Disney Park. That way you will feel great while having the time of your life. Here are ten ways that you can get into better shape so you can make the most of your time at Disney World. By the way, being in better shape will help you enjoy your time on the theme park called Earth as well:) Please check with your doctor before starting any fitness program.

10. Go for a walk four or five times a week.

You don’t need to run at Disney. Build up your walking muscles and endurance. You will be surprised at how much better this makes you feel in general.

9. Play with your family dog at a park.

She would love to get out with you and play more. Throw a ball and just cut up with your canine buddy. You will both get the benefits of burning some calories and just moving around.

8. Forget energy drinks.

Many energy drinks are chock full of caffeine which will give you a momentary boost then drop you like a rock afterward. Think of your body having a fantastic battery and all you need to recharge it is to shake it up. Exercise shakes your battery up and renews your energy. Try it for one month, you will be amazed at your energy level.

7. If you are able, I encourage you to start running.

You will hate it initially, as most people do. I did. But at a certain point it will give you back more than you can fathom and you will start to love it. I get a “runners high” now when I run and a confidence in my physical abilities that I had missed for years.

6. Forget trying to be what you see on magazine covers.

Physical fitness has many different levels. Get to your best level, not an imaginary one that only 1% of the world can attain.

5. Choose to be in better shape for yourself.

Don’t do it for anyone else. Let me say it again…do it for no one except yourself! You will be the one giving up sweets, sweating in the gym, and rising with the sun to exercise. No one else can do it for you.

4. Find a group that is doing what you want to do.

Weight loss groups, running or walking clubs, or simply a gym will put you around people chasing better fitness. Make a friend on our facebook page by commenting on this article. You can keep each other accountable with regard to your eating and exercising habits.

3. Exercising does not have to be boring.

Choose something you like to do. Basketball, frisbee golf, tennis, whatever you like. Here is a hint… you may have to try different things to see what you like if it has been a while since you have participated in physical activity.

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2. Get up early to do your exercise of choice.

“No time for fitness” is the biggest excuse people use for being out of shape. You don’t want to lose too much sleep, but you can sacrifice a few hours a week in that bed to get in better shape. Just 20-30 minutes of movement in the morning will yield results.

1. Start Today.

I cannot stress this enough. Any physical activity is better than none at all and anyone can start today. You can’t change your fitness level overnight, but you can change the direction of your fitness in an instant, simply by choosing to start.

You can do it! Why not start right now and commit to some kind of regular exercise. Make your pledge in the comments below or on facebook. You might make a friend via our facebook page and then you could encourage each other. Let’s get fit!

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