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Cast Member Defends Child After Online Attacks


Even though the classic Disney magic sometimes feels absent from Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort vacations for Guests these days — particularly due to the bad behavior of Guests like Disney influencers, the significant number of ride breakdowns, the controversial Genie service that has replaced FastPass, and the bigger shakeups happening in Walt Disney Company offices — sometimes there is still a bit of Disney magic to be found!

beauty and the beast float in Festival of Fantasy parade

The Festival of Fantasy parade in the Magic Kingdom Disney Park within Walt Disney World Resort. This Disney parade involves Cast Members and character performers interacting with Guests or floating by on Disney parade floats. Credit: AEJ Images

This beloved Disney magic showed up during an interaction between a child visiting the Magic Kingdom and a Cast Member playing the dwarf Happy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). The boy (who was enjoying the popular Festival of Fantasy Parade) was wearing a shirt with Happy on it, and waved when he saw his favorite character.

Happy was “thrilled” to see his likeness on the boy’s shirt, and surprised the child with a very sweet hug! Happy even gave the boy a kiss on the head, and made a point of showing off the shirt to his fellow dwarves and his Disney princess Snow White!


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♬ original sound – Dani

This video has gone viral since the mother of the boy (Dani, aka TikTok user @dfzimme) shared it online, with more than one hundred thousand likes from other TikTok users. Unfortunately, some naysayers did show up and choose to burst the little boy’s bubble, commenting rudely that the boy’s mom shouldn’t think that her child is “special” and criticizing his outfit choice.

“Lady a million people a day come dressed as characters and your kid isn’t special,” one TikTok user wrote. “He doesn’t match the doll…” another TikTok user commented. “How does he know It was him?” Many other unkind comments were also posted by other people, and were subsequently deleted.

Dani was undeterred by the unkind responses from other people, however, saying the following in the video shown below: ““To those of you who said that my child is not special and they did not dress up as the character, to those two little boys right there, when they’re wearing a shirt of their favorite character, they are dressed up as them.”

“They feel the magic when they get noticed by that character,” Dani continued. “In that one second where they had their hand held or a hug, it felt so real to them.”


Replying to @tisha_1203 you either are a Disney mom or you’re not. 🤣 my kid “dressed as” Incredibles in April before character interactions were back and them noticing my kids and coming over and holding their hands and blowing them kisses were the highlight of our trip in April. magic happens but you have to look for it. I cried so much from this interaction because it meant so much to my heart to see my boys feel recognized by superheroes. these moments truly are everything. #benice #disney #disneymagic #disneyparks #magickingdom #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – Dani

A “friend” of Happy (aka, presumably, the Disney Cast Member who was playing Happy and gave the child a hug and kiss from inside the Happy costume) spoke up, to! “I can confidently say that you made Happy’s day!,” the alleged Cast Member wrote. “Happy was THRILLED to see a fan!”

Which are you more touched by: Dani’s defense of her son, the sweet interaction in general, or the Cast Member’s defense of the child that they met in the Magic Kingdom for a few brief moments?

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