11 Fantastic Facts About Magic Kingdom’s Mad Tea Party Ride

Mad Tea Party

If you’ve been to Disney World or Land at some point in your life, there’s no doubt you’ve seen this classic Disney attraction and possibly all the sick riders coming off holding their stomachs. Some people can’t take the spin! We can’t help but love this ride, and we’re excited to share some of our favorite facts from it.

1. Wonderland Whirls Since Walt

On July 17th, 1955, Disneyland opened, and with it a few select Disney attractions still standing to this day. Although it has had several refurbishments, The Mad Tea Party attraction is one of those rides. People have been enjoying this ride for decades, and we think it’ll be enjoyed for many decades to come. You can even see pictures of Walt riding the Disneyland version; it will give you all the nostalgia feels!

2. It’s Beautiful At Night

Strolling through Fantasyland at night is arguably one of the greatest Disney pleasures you can have, and stopping and viewing Mad Tea Party at night is no exception. All the paper lanterns glow and the topiary figures of Alice, Mad Hatter, and the March Hare are given a whole new life when viewed at night under their spot light. There are extra lights lining the outside that give it a great vintage feel as well.

3. Watch For The Dormouse

“Twinkle Twinkle little bat, how I wonder where you’re at?” You may remember that weird little rhyme being recited by the dormouse in the unbirthday scene; think about that the next time you’re on the ride and you see our furry friend popping out of the tea pot in the middle of the attraction.

4. It’s A Very Very Unbirthday Party For You

This ride is based off the infamous scene in the 1951 Disney adaption of Alice in Wonderland. The ride is designed to make you feel like you’ve been put right in the middle of the unbirthday party.

5. It’s A Great Meet And Greet Spot

For all you Alice in Wonderland fans out there, you can kill two birds with one stone by visiting this attraction. Head on over to Mad Tea Party and before you get on the ride, jump in line to meet the Mad Hatter, Alice, The White Rabbit, and TweedleDee and TweedleDumb. You may even get to ride on the attraction with one of these characters if you’re lucky enough; these characters have been seen inviting guests to take a spin with them.

6. It’s At Every Disney Theme Park

There are currently five Disney parks around the world (a sixth in Shanghai is being built). Each one of these parks has some variation of The Mad Tea Party, all bearing a similar name. This is because of the ride’s classic element but also because of its simplicity; the price to build and upkeep the ride isn’t very high. Now we just have to wonder if there will be a Mad Tea Party in Shanghai. Who’s ready for a research trip to find out?

7. Alice In Wonderland Was Not Originally A Success

We can’t believe this now because who doesn’t love Alice in Wonderland…but, when the movie first came out in 1951 it wasn’t received well. The movie wasn’t a disaster, but it did not meet expectations. Since its original release, it has had several re-releases that have brought on its popularity. Bonus fact: Part of the reason it did so well in its re-releases was because of some art direction by artist Mary Blair, whose work can also be seen in another spot on Disney property. She did the Contemporary Resort’s massive mural!

8. It Will Have Steady Lines All Day

Even through its simplicity, don’t count on this ride ever having low wait times. If you plan on enjoying this ride without the long wait, try heading straight there first thing in the morning. While everyone else is rushing to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, you can take a leisurely spin or two with the Mad Hatter and his whole gang.

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9. It Has A Great Sister Refreshment Spot, “Cheshire Café”

We’ll let you in on a hidden gem, the Chesire Café is a great spot to grab a quick snack when you’re on the go and need a delicious treat. The lines are never too long and they offer some great sweet options. We recommend the Queen of Hearts Strawberry Shortcake; you’ll thank us later.

10. Gotta Love The Soundtrack

You can’t help but tap your toe while you wait for this attraction, and we know it’s because of the amazing ride soundtrack. It comes straight from the movie and we can’t get enough of it. Want to know what songs to download on your iPod when you get home? Here you go:

“I’m Late,”

“The Unbirthday Song,”

“The Caucus Race”

“March of the Cards”

11. It’s Actually One Of The Shortest Rides In Disney World

We think this might have been a good decision by the Imagineers to make this ride only a minute and a half long. We fear our ride mates would spin us into oblivion if they were allowed to twirl that teacup any longer!

The Mad Tea Party is one of the oldest attractions in Disney World, which means it’s allowed for a lot of memories to be made. Share some of yours in the comments below!

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