9 Things You Will Love About Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar in Disney Springs

Jock Lindseys

Any Indiana Jones fans out there? Yeah, us too. And this is why we are so excited for you to try Jock Lindsey’s stop for any adventurer in the area. He invites each of his guests to enjoy signature drinks and small plate options while they take a break from all of their exploring in the Disney Springs Area. So we can’t help but give you nine reasons why you will love this place!

1. Gotta love the pricing

Let’s admit it, going to do Disney is stinkin’ expensive! This is one of the many reasons we love Mr. Lindsey’s hangar-turned-bar. If you’re looking for a light lunch or a snack after dinner, this is a place where you can relax and not have to dip too far into your wallet for.

2. Location, Location, Location

Have you been to Disney Springs? You haven’t? Then, we kind of feel sorry for you. Disney Springs is the perfect place to experience Disney magic without paying a cent for a park ticket. It doesn’t get any better than that. And the Hangar Bar is right in the middle of all the action! So, go have fun and shop till you drop, then go ahead and visit Jock while you’re at it.

3. Priceless View

We’re a sucker for a good view, every time. And Jock Lindsey’s definitely doesn’t disappoint. It’s sitting right on Lake Buena Vista, and if weather permits, we suggest you take a seat outside and enjoy the gorgeous view of the lake and the resorts across the way.

4. The Service

One thing we adore about this special little bar is the service. Not only is it on par with Disney excellence, the waiters are in full character as well. If you get them talking, they’ll tell you all about their friend Mr. Lindsey and his adventures. Just getting to talk to them is worth a visit in itself.

5. Food Of Course

Is this an obvious one? Maybe. Do we still want to talk about it? Duh! With the cleverest names for their dishes and unique options, you can’t go to the Hangar Bar without trying at least one of their appetizers! We found the Rolling Boulders Sliders (we hope you get the reference), Tanis Tacos, Lao Che’s Revenge to be some of the best food we’ve had on property.

6. It’s all in the little things

If you happen to order the Air Pirate’s Pretzels (which you should), watch closely while they bring it to your table. The wait staff will pretend to fly the little metal airplane it comes in all the way to where you’re sitting. If you don’t order it yourself, someone in the bar surely will. Just watch the wait staff take it to their table. It’s a little Disney detail, but it’s a fun one all the same!

7. Drinks? Yes Please

You can’t stop by Jock’s without getting at least one drink! They’re all excellent but we suggest getting the ‘Anything Goes’ drink. It’s so exotic and tasty! Extra tip: They also have some great non-alcoholic, signature drinks as well for anyone who doesn’t particularly like adult beverages or for the little ones in your group.

Bonus Tip!

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8. Try and grab the special seat!

You can sit anywhere in the bar you like. If you don’t end up wanting to sit outside and this space is available, grab the private booth inside a large vintage chamber in the corner as fast as you can. It’ll make your experience all the more special.

9. That Jock Guy Had Some Crazy Adventures

Everything in the Hangar Bar is 1940s aviation and explorer themed. And it’s all from Jock and his friend’s personal expeditions. If you want to hear about some cool little details you might not have caught otherwise, ask your waiter to point some stuff out for you. In true Disney fashion, it’s a place you can go back to time and time again and still find another hidden detail among the décor.

Have you visited Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar? Let our readers know what you loved about it in the comments below!

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