Our Top 11 Dos and Don’ts for Visiting Magic Kingdom

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Magic Kingdom is magical, fantastical, and a whole lot of fun. There are many things that YOU MUST DO while you’re visiting. We also believe to have the best time in the most magical place on earth, there are a few things that you probably shouldn’t do either.

1. Do- Rope Drop

Rope Drop is a short and fun ceremony to open the parks complete with all your favorite characters to welcome you into a day of fun. Even though the ceremony itself is worth the early morning, there’s another huge advantage to setting your alarm a little earlier than everyone else. This will be you and your family’s chance to walk on- yes I repeat, WALK ON- all your favorite attractions. Whether it’s Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, or a character meet and greet, this is the best time to jump on with little to no wait.

2. Don’t- Wait for hours for shows

There is a great temptation to find out when Wishes, or Parades are happening and grab a spot hours before…don’t give into the temptation. It’s not worth it. You can have a great day, not make your butt sore, and your kids’ cranky, if you stop where you are playing a few minutes before the performance starts and pop a squat. This has always been the tactic of my family and friends, and we always manage to have a great seat wherever we are in the parks.

3. Do- Take your time

It’s all in the details, seriously. If you stop just for a second and look around you’ll notice all kinds of little hidden treasures the Imagineers left for you to enjoy. There are references to Disney movies, Disney legends, and just fun little puns. There’s so much to do, but if you make a resolve to take your time and enjoy every little bit, we promise you your experience will be six billion times better.

4. Don’t- Skip the break

Another thing people are tempted to do is go go go from open to close, but this leaves people tired and irritable at the end of the day. At around 12 pm the park gets unbelievably busy because there’s an overlap of morning visitors and afternoon visitors. Grab lunch, and then head back to the hotel. You’ll feel rested and ready for the rest of the day if you go back and take a quick power nap.

5. Do- Eat at a Magic Kingdom Restaurant

We can’t express how necessary this is! Whether you’re looking for a quick fix- try Pecos Bills! Or you’re looking for a sweet and fancy date night out- Be Our Guest has one of the most beautiful settings in all of Disney World. We think it’s an absolute must to try one of the many tasty Magic Kingdom eateries. Of course, these are not the only restaurants that are top-notch in Magic Kingdom either. We also suggest the recently opened Skipper Canteen as well!

6. Don’t-Be Ill Prepared

You’ll be singing the Uncomfortable Park Visit Blues if you fail to prepare properly. Packing light is always advisable, but make sure you still pack the essentials like: a poncho/umbrella, a water bottle, pain reliever (for those tired feet), and a jacket for the night time (even in the middle of summer the nights can be a little nippy). As far as parks wear goes, we beg you to not wear anything but your most comfortable outfit and shoes. You’ll thank us later.

7. Do- Take every photo opportunity

It’s okay to stop at EVERY Photo Pass spot and get your picture taken. Each Cast Member has no problem taking pictures with your phone along with using their own camera. That picture in front of Cinderella’s Castle will be timeless and it’s an opportunity to capture your family’s pure joy!

8. Don’t- Lose Patience

Yes, people can be rude. It will get hot. Children will be crying. And lines will be long. BUT YOU”RE IN DISNEY WORLD. There are tons of people who’d much rather be where you are instead of at home or at work. Disney World is magical, but sometimes you have to create your own magic to experience everything fully. So, be nice to Cast Members. Grab some water. Play games with your family while you wait in line. And buy those parents of screaming children an ice cream cone or a drink. We guarantee you and your family will be much happier for it.

9. Do- Stop by all the classics

Whether it’s Space Mountain or Carousel of Progress, you won’t regret stopping by all the classic Disney attractions. Magic Kingdom is the oldest park and a lot of the rides are inspired by Disneyland attractions that Walt Disney himself had a hand in designing.

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10. Don’t- Try to do Everything

This is a big one. Magic Kingdom has a ton of stuff to do, like a ton. If you try to do it all in your trip, you’ll end up exhausted and unsatisfied. We suggest before you even get to Disney ask your family their “must-dos” and go from there. This will relieve the pressure of feeling like you need to run all over the place.

11. Do- The Extras

Are you a collecting fiend? Then Magic Kingdom is the park for you. Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is a free, interactive scavenger hunt that comes with the most adorable playing cards. We can’t help but stop and get them every time we’re in our favorite magical park. Don’t forget to go during the Halloween and Christmas parties; there are limited edition cards just for those special times.

We hope this helped you prepare for your next visit to the Magic Kingdom. Have any other Dos and Don’ts you think our readers need to know? Tell us in the comments below!

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