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Disney After Hours Event – 6 Things You Need to Know

This year Disney announced an event that would allow guests to have unprecedented access to the Magic Kingdom, and a look at the parks not many people get to see. A handful of ticket holders are allowed to stay in the Magic Kingdom after it is closed and the rest of the guests have cleared out. We had the privilege to attend this event and wanted to share our experience with the Disney Fanatic community!

1. It’s expensive and totally worth it

Yes, the price for this event is a steep $150, but after the fun we had, we consider it to be worth every penny. If you’re looking for a birthday present or an anniversary gift, we suggest something like this.

2. There’s an unlimited snack you will love

Ever dream of having those delicious Mickey ice cream sandwiches over and over again? Your dream is sure to come true at the After Hours Event. When you sign up to walk around the parks after it’s closed, you also have unlimited access to all the ice cream novelties and bottled drinks you could ever want. Yes, that means Mickey shaped ice cream bars, sandwiches, popsicles, and bottled sodas are there for you to take. All you have to do is ask.

3. When we say no lines, we mean it

You know those rides you scramble to get a FastPass for just to ride once? How would you like to be able to ride all the big-ticket attractions as much as you want? Well, if you participate in After Hours Party you’ll get do to just that. There are zero lines. Seriously.

4. You’ll have the park to yourselves

Step into this party and be mesmerized by how truly empty the park is. Everything is still all lit up, but there are only a few people in sight. You can take unlimited pictures in front of the castle with no one to block your view and you can skip through each land without running into tons of people. It’s truly a beautiful sight.

5. It could serve as a ticket

Considering the fact you can check in at 7 pm to enjoy the parade and fireworks, you can forego a normal pass for that day and rest up for your night. The party is from 11 pm – 2 am and because of the zero wait times, you’re able to accomplish as much as you would in a normal day. So, relax at your resort until it’s time to check in and enjoy the fun!

6. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity

An experience like this is something you should definitely try if you have the chance. Not many people get to experience the park like it’s their own. So, if Disney continues this event into next year, I say sign up and enjoy the magic!

If you had the pleasure of enjoying this exclusive event, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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