11 Things Disney Pros Do At Walt Disney World Parks

Cinderella's Castle

As the song says in Oliver & Company, “street savoire faire” can often be all that you need for success; when you leave the real world behind and enter Walt Disney World, this rule is still true. A Disney Pro knows their way around the parks, knows the best ways to prepare for a Disney day, and, most importantly, knows how to balance a scheduled vacation with impromptu Disney magic. These eleven tips will help you vacation just like the Disney Pros!

11) Bring a camera. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take some quality pictures, and although the Disney PhotoPass Photographers can give you some fantastic prints, you can definitely get yourself some great candids by using your own camera sometimes.

10) Be open to socialization. Disney magic can often be found in the people around you, and not necessarily those that you are vacationing with (although you should always travel with people whose company you’ll actually enjoy). Bonding with a stranger on a roller coaster might seem like a small, pleasant interaction, but it really is part of the Disney magic.

9) Get a dining plan.Dining plans really can help you save a lot of money on a Disney vacation (after all, those Mickey Mouse ice cream bars add up!).

8) Don’t let the weather get you down. A rainy day is absolutely no reason to give up on your Disney day. Have you ever ridden Splash Mountain in the rain? You should—and you’ll be getting wet anyway, so why not?

7) Bring sunblock. Sunburns (especially on crucial areas, like your feet or the back of your knees) are a very real threat in Florida, even on cloudy days, and they can really dampen some of your Disney enthusiasm. So slather on some SPF every time you take a break, wear hats, and learn to appreciate the value of shade.

6) Don’t neglect resorts—including your own. Eating meals at other resorts is a lovely way to see some different places and experiment with Disney atmospheres, and remember to spend some sunbathing time at your own resort, as well! Like the Disney parks, each resort is filled with friendly people, beautiful decor, and a fully realized theme. Give them some extra attention!

5) Cover valuables for wet rides. Rides like the Kali River Rapids offer containers within the ride to store valuables, but it’s always a good idea to be proactive with some plastic bags or small towels. On a hot day, you might dry off quickly, but your phone might not recover so admirably.

4) Use Fastpasses for any high-priority rides or attractions. Disney Pros know what it is that they really, really want to do at Walt Disney World, and a Fastpass is the ideal way to go about it. Just pick your top choices, grab some Fastpasses for each one, and while the rest of the day away with spontaneous food and fun!

Bonus Tip!

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3) Allow yourself to really experience the Disney magic—even if it might seem immature. Yes, you can get really, really excited on Pirates of the Caribbean, even if you’re forty years old. A Disney Pro knows that it’s okay to act like a child at Walt Disney World—after all, isn’t that youthful hope, laughter, and unabashed love the entire goal of Disney?

2) Strategize. You don’t need to plan your snacks obsessively or create a vacation that is mapped out like a spreadsheet—just plan a little. For example, use indoor rides to your advantage, both to get some shade and to refresh yourself for the rest of the day! Breaks can also be taken in unexpectedly beautiful rest spots, like unnoticed gazebos, and street shows help keep the fun going even when you’re off your feet. If you want a vacation that is both relaxing AND productive, some strategic multitasking is the way to go!

1) Embrace Disney’s surprises. A seasoned Disney-goer does not pack his or her schedule so tightly that there is no room for spontaneity. Snacks, impromptu character interactions, and street shows are all apt to show up on every Disney vacation—and you won’t want to miss them! The unexpected Disney magic is often the best.

There is a difference between stressful planning and comfortable planning for your Disney days, and Disney Pros craft magical and memorable experiences by preparing for both the expected and the unexpected! Feel free to vacation your way—whatever that way might be—but keep in mind that, whether it’s a wonderful pool night at your resort or the opportunity to ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad four times in a row, a Disney vacation really is all about the surprises.<.p>

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