11 Things People Love Most About Disney World

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There are a plethora of reasons as to why Disney has so many fans. There is no denying that Walt Disney World is the only place where your troubles disappear and your smile is glued on your face the entire length of your stay. While there are way more than twelve reasons why Disney World makes people happy, here are the top reasons why the happiest place on earth is so magical.

11. Disney Dining

Dining at Disney is incredibly unique. There are hundreds of restaurants to choose from, all offering an array of cuisine and distinctive experiences (like character dining) that your family will always remember. Whether you dine at a quick service, themed restaurant, or signature/fine dining, there will be entrees and atmospheres that you will enjoy for all members of your family. There are restaurants that are perfect for date night, dinner and a show options, and even dining that incorporates the guests in hysterical scenarios and children are included in sing-alongs and conga lines. There are also uniquely themed restaurants that will make you feel like you’ve been whisked away, like the restaurants in the various countries in Epcot. Aside from eating at the various Disney Parks restaurants, there are also a plethora of resorts on property that offer cuisine related to their theme. These are a must do, since there are many five star dining options at the resorts. No matter what you’re in the mood for, chances are you will find it somewhere on the Walt Disney World property. Make sure to make dining reservations (up to 180 days in advance) so that you can experience the restaurants you want to on your next visit!

10. The Merchandise

Disney Parks merchandise is truly one of a kind. There is something to please the entire family whether its clothing, jewelry, toys, collectibles, housewares, technology accessories, or even office supplies and food. Everyone loves to purchase and marvel at the amount of goodies Walt Disney World offers. There are also a myriad of characters, so no matter who your favorite is, you are sure to find something related to them. There is also merchandise based on holidays and themes. For example, the Polynesian has a Hawaiian flare, so most of the merchandise sold here infuses Mickey and friends with a Hawaiian touch. There is no doubt Disney merchandise is a favorite amongst Disney fans.

9. The Parks

The main reason for visiting Disney World is the parks. The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom are all incredibly enjoyable and include tons of fun for the whole family. Since each park is so unique, guests spend most of their time visiting the parks when they go to Disney World. Disney World rides are also one of the main reasons we all love the parks. There are so many rides and experiences to enjoy; its no wonder spending time in the parks is prevalent to Disney fans.

8. The On Property Resorts

Staying at a Walt Disney World resort definitely has its benefits to having a great vacation. It is another reason Disney fans enjoy visiting the property time and time again. Disney resorts make the magic continue before and after the parks. You literally feel like you wake up and go to sleep ‘in the magic’. Each resort is uniquely themed and offers activities for adults and children of all ages. No matter which parks you plan on visiting the most, there are resorts near every theme park making it super convenient. The recreation, pools, restaurants, and magic infused into these resorts are truly spectacular!

7. The Shows

Disney shows are practically Broadway worthy. The amount of collaborative effort that goes into making these shows flawless is truly unbelievable. The costumes, acting, music, backdrops, pyrotechnics, and special effects is jaw-dropping. There are a few shows that all Disney fans continue to see over and over again. Shows like Fantasmic!, Wishes, Beauty and the Beat Live, and so many more are cherished by so many and essentially, make us want to come back for more.

6. The Characters

The heart and soul of Disney films are their characters. Being able to meet characters based on our favorite films is a truly special moment for children and adults. They also make for great pictures! Having pictures with your favorite characters make fantastic memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. They make our photos unique and priceless, and since they can’t be met anywhere else, it makes Disney that much more special!

5. The VIP Treatment

It’s no doubt the service at Walt Disney World is exceptional. Cast members are trained to the highest efficacy and they all have one thing in mind: to make the guests happy. You will see many cast members go above and beyond to meet your needs and to exceed your expectations. Whether it is a front desk receptionist, ride attendant, tour guide, waitress, or even a monorail pilot, you are sure to experience top-notch quality service. When you feel like you are being treated so nicely, it’s very easy to want to be part of that atmosphere over and over again!

4. The Themes

Theming is very important to the Imagineers who created (and are still are creating) the parks and resorts on Walt Disney World property. Theming is important because when it is created and done properly, it can make guests feel like they have been whisked away to another land or place. Disney is one of the only places that can do this. Whether you’re in the parks or the resorts, you will feel like you have been taken to another world. For example, the Wilderness Lodge, a deluxe resort, really makes you feel like you have just entered the American Northwest. The landscaping, structure, colors, and theme is clearly evident in every single aspect of this resort. You will sometimes even forget you are in Orlando! The Magic Kingdom is another location that makes you feel like you’ve been taken to a complete land of fantasy. The landscaping, structure and themes of each land is customized so perfectly your jaw is guaranteed to drop at some point. Being able to feel like you aren’t in your everyday routine is refreshing, so it’s no wonder Disney fans keep coming back for more.

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3. The Events

There are a plethora of hard ticket events that have won over the hearts of Disney fans since they made their debut. Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party are amongst the two highest attending events, but other favorites include runDisney, Star wars Weekends, Night of Joy, Dapper Day, and many more. These events are so fun because they are themed and allow guests to interact differently with characters and enjoy special shows and events (within the event).

2. The Memories

If you have visited Disney World, I guarantee you have made amazing memories with friends and/or family. Disney has the ability to make families happy, and with that comes the easy ability to form fond memories that will last a lifetime. These memories often leave a mold in our hearts to want to experience that happiness and joy over and over again. Looking back at photos from previous trips always makes smiles resurface and reminiscing begin. Whether you’re visiting for the first time with little ones, getting proposed to, getting married, announcing a pregnancy, or just spending quality time with family and getting away from the everyday hustle and bustle, Disney is the place to create the best memories!

1. The Ability To Be A Kid Again

There is a lot of judging going on in this world we live in today, but where else can you sing at the top of your lungs, wear silly hats and shirts (or in some cases, costumes), interact with characters, and act completely goofy (no pun intended) without being judged? Disney is probably the only place that allows you to switch your adult responsibilities for children’s play. Being able to unwind and unleash your inner kid is super easy to do at Disney World!

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Natalie is an elementary school teacher and a native Floridian who lives and breathes all things Disney. Her love for Disney started at the age of two during her first visit, and has continued to flourish into her adult life. She loves to share her Disney passion with her students and believes Disney is so special because there is no other place to forget about your worries and be a kid again, which is why she refuses to ‘grow up’.

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