12 Rookie Mistakes People Make at Epcot


12. Not preparing for the walking in such a large park.

Epcot is more than twice the size of the Magic Kingdom; a few hours in the park will help anyone understand just how true this fact is. Comfortable shoes are important at Walt Disney World. However, comfortable, supportive shoes are a necessity at Epcot. Logging a few miles during a day long visit to Epcot is common for visitors.

11. Thinking Future World entrance is the only entrance to the park.

There are two entrances to Epcot; the most frequented one leads guests under Spaceship Earth into Future World while the second releases guests in World Showcase between Great Britain and France. Park ticket kiosk booths and an entrance gift shop are available at the back gate entrance too.

10. Not utilizing fast passes and making an attraction plan.

Scheduling and utilizing fast passes for Epcot attractions is crucial to seeing the maximum number of attractions. Fast past planning will also enable you to set guidelines and park plans for the day to reduce needless walking in the park.

9. Forgetting to prepare for direct sun and heat.

While Epcot does not seem as hot as the scorching heat of Animal Kingdom, Epcot can get miserably hot. Dressing in lite clothing and wearing sunscreen is important to stay safe and healthy at Walt Disney World. Spacing cool attractions like indoor rides and films throughout the day will decrease heat exhaustion and make the day more enjoyable.

8. Thinking Epcot is an adult theme park with less kid friendly attractions.

A common misconception about Epcot is that the park is less kid friendly than other parks. While the array of storybook rides people know and love at the Magic Kingdom are not to be found at Epcot there are an array of kid friendly options are available at Epcot. Kidcot activity stops in World Showcase are a great way to bring kids into the culture of the countries represented in Epcot. Children will enjoy the music and shows around World Showcase and love exploring The Living Seas and other attractions around Future World.

7. Neglecting to review the park show schedule.

There are some fantastic shows to enjoy at Epcot. Street actors, musicians, bands, choirs and cultural films are great activities to incorporate in your schedule. Watching a drum display in Japan, a Beetles over band in Great Britain or street actors in Italy are one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon in Epcot.

6. Choosing to enjoy classic park food instead of cultural food from World Showcase.

Tasting culture firsthand is a great way to enjoy World Showcase even more. Sampling food and drink at quick service stands around World Showcase allows you to break from the traditional popcorn and hotdog feel of theme parks and enjoy foods you may not have access to otherwise.

5. Missing out on meeting your favorite princess in their native land.

Photo opportunities around the world with princesses in their native land are an awesome way to spend time at Epcot. Show guides scattered at information booths throughout the park tells guests character meet and greet times and locations for favorite characters like Aurora, Mulan, Belle and Jasmine. The beauty of World Showcase countries will shine through in every photo and princess meet lines are often shorter in Epcot than in the Magic Kingdom.

4. Skipping watching the films around World Showcase.

The informational films in World Showcase are an often-overlooked sector of the park. These short films allow an opportunity for guests to cool off, sit down and learn about the nations represented at Epcot. I always leave films excited about the possibility of planning a trip around the world.

3. Riding advanced level orange on Mission to Mars.

Mission to Mars is a fantastic thrill ride that is consistently a crowd pleaser. Guests choose to complete their space mission on the expert orange level or the more rider friendly green level. While orange level missions are fun they truly are not for the faint of heart. There are options to turn back before the final ride loading room, but who wants to lose a space in the line by abandoning the ride in the final loading station? When in doubt, always choose the green level on Mission to Mars.

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2. Neglecting to ride the iconic Spaceship Earth ride at the park entrance.

Spaceship Earth is an iconic Disney ride that sets the tone for Future World. This interesting ride is cool, dark, slow moving and provides guests an opportunity to relax in their own time machine as they travel through the ages exploring communication over the centuries. While fast passes are available for Spaceship Earth the line for this ride tends to move pretty quickly.

1. Thinking Epcot is the same year round.

Epcot changes throughout the year to host holiday celebrations, the Food & Wine Festival in the fall and the Flower & Garden show each spring. Park attractions like shows, shopping, educational classes and music groups are always changing. The Candlelight Processional at Christmas and the Food & Wine Festival in the fall are two of my favorite Disney traditions.

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