12 Things You Should Do On Your Last Day At Walt Disney World

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On the last day of your vacation at the Disney World Parks, it’s important to make the most of every moment. How best can you savor those last few moments at Disney before heading home to schedules, work, and school? We think making the most of some of the most nostalgic inducing Disney favorites is in store. Here are our top suggestions for your last day at Walt Disney World!


1. Stop By Everyone’s Favorite Adventure

On the way to whatever park you choose to be your last, talk to everyone in your group about their favorite rides. Get a list of rides/attractions that are MUST DOS. If you’re thinking ahead, book FastPasses in advance so you aren’t spending most of your last day waiting in lines.

2. One Last Shot At Cinderella’s Castle

Assuming you spend your last day in Magic Kingdom this is a sweet and sentimental shot. You and your crew can look back on that picture and smile, and be extra motivated to plan your next trip of course.

3. Enjoy One More Sweet Treat

Do you prefer Mickey Ice Cream? Dole Whips? Or do you love Disney’s popcorn? Make sure you can savor your favorite treat on your last day. Why not take a selfie with it as well? Might as well capture each sweet moment.

4. Resort Hop

If you’re not into the idea of buying a park ticket for your last day or you’re only able to have a half-day, resort hopping is a fun and care-free way to spend your last few hours on Disney property. Each resort is an experience within itself and strolling around on the grounds of a handful of your families’ resort picks will surely please your whole group. If you’re pin traders, this is a great way to cover some ground you might have missed during your trip.

5. Disney Springs

This is another suggestion if you didn’t spring for the extra ticket. Did you forget that stuffed Pooh for your niece? Or maybe you want a break from the hustle and bustle of the parks. Take a day at Disney Springs to walk around, get some last minute shopping in, or maybe even catch a movie. Sometimes we need some extra R&R before our Disney bubble is burst and we have to enter back into the real world.

6. Close Your Trip As The Park Closes

My husband had a friend suggest this to us and even though you’re tired, it’s totally worth it. Why spend your last moments in the parks standing in a line for a bus or monorail? To avoid the lines and get to see what parks look like with A LOT less people, just find a bench somewhere and sit. Of course, at some point you’ll have to leave but you’d be surprised how long it takes the parks to clear out. If you’re spending your last night in Magic Kingdom, try finding a spot where the Castle is visible. It’s a serene and beautiful sight.

7. Store Your Luggage

If you have to check out of your room but you still want to have fun, leave your luggage with the concierge service at the front of your hotel. They’ll be happy to take it and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

8. Packing BEFORE Your Last Day

Even if you get back to your resort the night before you leave so late you think you might pass out, try your best to push through and pack everything you possibly can. I promise you you’ll be thankful you have everything taken care of so your final day in the park can be spent focusing on your family.

9. Get Up Early

This can be a hard one if it’s been a week of early character breakfasts and rope drops but you will not regret the decision when you get home. If you’re looking to squeeze every moment out of your last hours, the best and most efficient way to do that is to arrive early in the parks. Your kids may complain at the time but when they get to ride their favorite rides before they leave, they won’t be anymore.

10. One Last Look

I have done this with every single trip I’ve been on. Right before you are about to leave, turn around. Each park has a distinct view from their entrance/exit. I discovered that if I stand there for a few seconds, soaking up my last moments in the park, I may feel a little sad, but I’m mostly thankful. Ask your family to do it with you. You can even have each one of them say their favorite part of the trip.

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11. Take In Your Favorite Smells

Whether it’s the smell of Pirates of the Caribbean and it’s loveable musty water smell, or it’s Main Street USA with its many smells. Stop to take a deep breathe in and promise yourself you will never forget that smell… because you really won’t. The next time something out in the real world smells like your favorite smell in Disney World you know you won’t be able to wipe a big smile off your face.

12. Buy One Last “Pick-Me-Up” Souvenir

My husband and I are procrastinators and we also are very picky when it comes to souvenirs. This has come to our advantage when we’re trying to cheer ourselves up on our last day. One trip we even wore our pin lanyards all the way home showing off the pins we had bought on our last day. It gave us something to smile and talk about. Maybe your sweetie has been eyeing a mug in several stores all week, why not sneak a purchase as your leaving and give it to her as a last magical surprise? Or maybe one of your little ones loves Anna from Frozen; maybe you can buy one last small token to turn their frown upside down as your car leaves Disney property.

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