14 Cart Foods We’re Crazy for at Walt Disney World Resort

popcorn castle

Cart foods might seem like a silly thing to gush about, but when it comes to Disney World cart foods…well, a bit of gushing is definitely in order. You see, as is the case with nearly everything, these simple snack foods just taste better in Disney World. This is probably because Disney just tends to do things better. However, it could also be a case of Disney magic blinding our senses a bit. Whatever the case, we seriously adore the various cart snack foods found throughout the parks. Obviously, if we like these simple snacks so much they must be worth trying, but which one should you get? With so many options it can feel almost impossible to choose. Therefore, we’re going to help you out by listing our top 14 favorites.


1. Mickey Bar

The Mickey Bar is a classic ice cream treat that never goes out of style. Whether you’re tasting this chocolate-coated vanilla ice cream treat for the first time or the hundredth, you’re sure to adore it. In fact, you’ll probably return for seconds the next day!

Mickey Bar

2. Popcorn

Popcorn may seem simple enough. However, there’s nothing quite like munching on some Disney popcorn while waiting for your favorite ride. Are you a big popcorn fan? Consider getting a refillable bucket that can be used throughout your trip.

3. Turkey Leg

These enormous hunks of meat may not look all that appetizing to some, but trust us when we say they are delicious. They’re so delicious that they can be found in all four parks and they sell like hot cakes. That said, despite how amazing it is, you’re going to want to grab a friend to share your turkey leg with, because these things are huge and there’s no way they could be finished by one person.

turkey leg

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4. Pretzel

No matter where you turn in a Disney park, you’re probably going to find a pretzel cart. Traditional soft pretzels are a park staple. Some are shaped like Mickey, and some places are currently selling pretzels shaped like an Incrediblesmask. The best pretzels however, are the cream cheese-stuffed versions, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

5. Frozen Banana

Want to pretend to be healthy while enjoying your vacation? Get a frozen banana. These things are absolutely amazing. After all, what could be better than a banana coated in chocolate and tossed in the freezer? Not much as far as we’re concerned.

6. Churro

If you’ve never had a churro, you are really missing out. These fried sticks of dough are rolled in a cinnamon sugar mixture until nicely coated and then sold hot. They’re wonderful but addictive, so be careful.


7. Glazed Almonds and Pecans

This incredible snack tastes just as good as it smells, and you’ll definitely be picking up that wonderful smell from afar. Glazed nuts are just sweet enough while providing the perfect texture and nutty flavor, creating a wonderful, filling snack that’s always gone too quickly. Not sure where to find these munchies? Follow your nose!

8. Spring Rolls and Egg Rolls

Although it may seem like an odd thing to get from a food cart, both the spring rolls found in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland and the egg rolls served at Joy of Tea in Epcot are quite tasty. Want to try something a bit usual? Go for the cheeseburger spring roll. Want the best value? You’ll definitely want to pick the egg rolls. Either way, your taste buds will thank you.

Cheeseburger Spring Roll

9. Crepes

Another one of those things you don’t expect from a food cart, the crepes at the Crepes des Chefs de Francekiosk in Epcot are everything you could want from a crepe. The cart offers a variety of toppings, and the consistency of the crepes is exactly right.

10. Gelato

The gelato cart in the Italy Pavilion in Epcot is another fan favorite. Here you can order a simple scoop of gelato, or you can get a bit fancier and have a gelato sandwich made between two house-made cookies. Both options are wonderful and refreshing on a hot Florida day.

11. Corn Dog

Corn dogs are the perfect food to eat on the go. For this reason, it just makes sense that many of Disney World’s food carts serve up this favorite snack food. Looking for the best corn dog in all of Disney World Resort? We highly suggest heading to the food trucks in Disney Springs.

12. Frozen Drinks

Many of the food carts throughout the parks serve up frozen drinks. Some are in slushy form while others are a bit thicker, but all are perfect for helping you cool off on a hot day.

Frozen Lemonade
Frozen Lemonade

13. Fresh Fruit

This one is a bit odd, but it definitely deserves to be included. Some of the small snack stands around the parks actually give guests the option of picking up a whole piece of fruit. This is awesome because it allows you to eat something nutritious and delicious while still giving you the convenience of picking up food while in the parks.

14. Chicken and Waffles

Finally, we must mention the chicken and waffles found at one of the food trucks in Disney Springs. This meal is simply amazing, with waffles that are exactly the right texture and crispy chicken strips that add a bit of complexity to the dish. Top it all off with the blue cheese sauce provided, and you’re in business.

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