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20 Magic Kingdom Tips For Saving You Time and Money

Get the best value and have the most fun by implementing some of these strategies on your Magic Kingdom visit: 

20. Monorail In/Ferry Out

If you’re arriving to the park by car, you’ll need to take either the monorail or the ferry to get from the parking lot to the main entrance. In our experience, it’s quicker to take the monorail when you arrive and the ferry when you leave. 

19. Unzip Bags

Going through security is important, but it can slow you down. Have all pockets on your bags unzipped before you reach the guard, in order to streamline the process.

18. Reservations

Make your FastPass+ and dining reservations as soon as you can in order to increase the odds of getting your popular favorites. If you’re staying on property you have an edge and can reserve almost 6 months in advance. 

17. Fast Pass Scheduling

Schedule Fast Passes for as early in the day as you can. Once you use your original three Fast Passes, you are able to reserve more, so you’ll want that privilege as early as possible. 

16. Route Planning

In the Magic Kingdom, Cinderella’s Castle is the central hub and the “lands” form somewhat of a circle around it. Plan a route for your day that takes advantage of the circle and avoids criss-crossing the park numerous times. 

15. Ponchos

Chances are good for a little rain shower at the Magic Kingdom. Don’t let it stop you! Be prepared with a pre-purchased poncho from the dollar store. 

14. Water Bottles

Do you know what Disney sells more of than any other item? Bottles of water. Save yourself time and money by bringing your own reusable water bottle. Refill with ice water from any counter service restaurant. 

13. Bathroom Breaks

If one kid has to go to the bathroom, make them ALL go to the bathroom. Coordinated potty stops will save you lots of time in the long run. 

12. Pack a Lunch

Bringing a small cooler with lunch will save both time and money. Find a shady spot to eat or take advantage of the air conditioning in any counter service dining room. 

11. Counter Service

If you can’t pack a lunch, counter service is the way to go in my opinion. There are so many delicious, quick options in the Magic Kingdom! Plus, your Magic Kingdom day is often too busy for table service anyways. 

10. Stroller Parking

Don’t waste time moving your stroller after every ride. Park in the center of each land and only move it when going on to the next land. 

9. Parade Planning

At parade time, choose a seat closest to wherever you want to go next. As soon as the parade is over, your next destination will most likely have a slightly shorter wait (from so many people watching the parade). You’ll want to get there quick! 

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8. Go Candid

Though there are definitely some times you’ll want to stop and say “cheese”, consider capturing a majority of photos on the fly. Posing every five minutes can get tiresome for kids, and will end up costing you time to really enjoy the park. 

7. Dress Properly

I’ve wasted too much time on wardrobe malfunctions, that’s for sure. Adjusting slouchy socks, re-tying shoes, going back for lost shoes, rummaging for phones—all that can be avoided with the proper attire. Comfy, secure shoes and shorts with pockets are a must. 

6. Wait For Less Wait

On most days (high-capacity aside), you can watch wait times plummet as evening approaches. Skip popular rides midday and come back to them after dark. 

5. Pin Planning

If you’re planning to collect and trade pins, have a plan for how you’ll display them. Making a lanyard at home can save you money. Or maybe skip the lanyard and display pins on your park bag. 

4. Souvenir Budget

Set a budget before you see all the cute WDW things. Let each member of your family know how much they can spend and let them have some time at the end of the day to choose wisely. 

3. Rider Swap

If your child doesn’t meet the height minimum on a ride, ask the cast member there if rider swap is available. One grown up waits outside, and they get an automatic Fast Pass (or two) to use when the other adult is finished. 

2. Character Choices

If you’re going to other parks during your visit, check to see what characters will be there. You may want to save time on your busy Magic Kingdom day by skipping some characters and greeting them in different parks. 

1. Glow Necklaces

After dark all the vendor carts are filled with light up toys and jewelry. They look so fun—but so pricey! Bring some glow necklaces from the dollar store as an alternative. 

Saving time and money is magical! 

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