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20 Things to See, Do, Explore, and Eat on Main Street, U.S.A.

Main Street

After stepping off of the monorail, your bus, or boat, and passing through the gates of the Magic Kingdom, guests are treated to the sights, sounds, and scents of Main Street, U.S.A. Designed to replicate a turn-of-the-century main street in Anytown, U.S.A., there is much to see and do here, even though there aren’t any rides here. Many guests walk quickly past most things on Main Street, U.S.A, but here is our list 20 things to make sure you see and do on Main Street!

20. Main Street Trolley Show

This performance are shown during the mornings at Magic Kingdom. These entertainers travel down Main Street and welcome guests to the Magic Kingdom through a variety of song-and-dance numbers. Be sure to grab a Times Guide when entering the park if you want to see this show!

19. Character Interaction in Town Square

Directly in the middle of Town Square near the flagpole, guests can meet a variety of characters throughout the morning and the early afternoon. The characters vary, so you’ll have to keep an eye out to meet your favorites!

18. Get Your Ears Lowered

On the left-hand side of Town Square, guests can get a haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop. Be sure to call in advance to get an appointment so you don’t have to wait. Families can even schedule a child’s first haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop for some extra special memories including mouse ears!

17. Grab Some Popcorn

MY favorite thing to eat on Main Street is a popcorn from the popcorn cart just beyond the left entrance under the Walt Disney World Railroad. The aroma as you walk past is intoxicating and it takes a very strong will indeed to say no!

16. Visit The Chapeau Shop (That’s French For Hats!)

Located on the right-hand side of Town Square, this store sells a dizzying selection of delightful Mickey ears and other hats. However, our favorite part of a visit here is to check out the old-fashioned crank wall phone. Pick up the phone and don’t be surprised if you hear someone on the other end!

15. Visit the Confectionary

This old-fashioned candy store offers everything for your sweet tooth. Guests can munch on candy apples, marshmallow rice treats drizzled in chocolate and candy, or grab a box of taffy. Be sure to spend some time watching the Cast Members making some of the delicious treats that you can enjoy!

14. Catch a Performance by the Dapper Dans

This barbershop quartet wanders around Main Street serenading guests with classic songs. There are no set performance times, but they will be easily to spot in their bright-colored vests and matching pants!

13. Stop by the Fire Station

Rather than seeing a fire truck or taking a slide down a fireman’s pole, guests can sign up for and collect cards for the immensely popular and addicting Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom game! In this game, guests battle villains at various portals throughout the park using spell cards that can be collected on each visit to the Magic Kingdom!

12. Take Part in the Flag Retreat

Everyday at 5 PM, guests can watch the flag be taken down in the middle of Town Square. Watching this ceremony adds to the small-town feel of Main Street and encourages a sense of patriotism.

11. Find a Great Keepsake

The right side of Main Street is adorned with gift shops that cater to an individual’s more expensive tastes. In these stores, guests can purchase small curios from the Magic Kingdom, crystal glass decorations, jewelry, purses, and even artwork. It’s even fun for the casul browser, no purchase necessary!

10. Get Your Caffeine Fix

In the Magic Kingdom, guests can grab a quick drink or snack at the Main Street Bakery, a.k.a. Starbucks. While many die-hard Disney fans disapprove of the inclusion of the It appears that most guests like Starbucks, as it usually has a decent-sized crowd!

9. Meet Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell

Located in the Town Square Theatre, guests can meet Mickey Mouse or Tinkerbell. Lines for both these interactions are generally short. Guests who choose to meet Mickey Mouse are in for a treat as this Mickey interacts and talks with guests!

8. Cool Off with Some Ice Cream

Located at the end of Main Street, the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor offers a wonderful selection of ice creams and sundaes to help guests survive the Florida heat! With the newly expanded Hub, guests can grab a cone or a dish and have a seat on the grass and take in some magnificent views!

7. Delicious Snacks and Some Entertainment

If you still have some room left in your stomach at the end of Main Street, be sure to pop into Casey’s Corner. This counter-service restaurant serves up an array of hot dogs to satisfy any craving. I enjoy grabbing the bite-size corn dogs and heading outside to watch the sensational pianist as he entertains guests!

6. Grab a Meal at a Table Service Restaurant

Main Street has no rides but it makes up for this with table-service restaurants to satisfy a variety of tastebuds. Guests can dine at Tony’s Town Square for fabulous Italian fare, the Plaza for family-friendly favorites, and the Crystal Palace for an incomparable buffet. Remember to grab an advanced dining reservation to ensure your table.

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. Stop by the Emporium

This gift shop offers classic Disney souvenirs – t-shirts, plush animals, sweatshirts, pins, and jewelry. I truly enjoy stopping by the Emporium because they also tend to have harder to find items, too!

4. Explore the Train Station

Even though it is right at the front of the park, the train station gets overlooked as guests hurry down Main Street to the attractions of the Magic Kingdom or rush to grab a train. There is much to appreciate in the station itself. Take some time on your next trip to look around and enjoy the details!

3. Take in Wishes or a Parade

Main Street is featured prominently as a backdrop for the daily parades at Magic Kingdom, and is one of the best viewing spot for Wishes. Either way, make sure to arrive a little early to snag your favorite spot (and maybe to grab a little snack)!

2. Look at the Names on the Main Street Windows

As tribute to those individuals who were influential or helpful to the construction of the Magic Kingdom and dedication to the Disney company, a variety of names are featured on the windows lining both sides of Main Street. If you are looking to find out more about these names, guests can partake in the Keys to the Kingdom Tour (available at an additional cost).

1. Gaze in Awe

I never tire of going under the railroad station and making my way through the Town Square to start walking up Main Street and catching the wonderful framed vista of Cinderella’s Castle in the distance. In all of my times there, I still have that moment of shock and then realization that I am being transported to another time and place of magic and wonder!

Main Street is the thematic opening to the Magic Kingdom. Take the time it deserves to explore and appreciate the details that went into creating it. What is your favorite thing about Main Street, U.S.A.?

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