25 Characters You Can Only Meet In Disney's Hollywood Studios


Let's Recap!

25. Chewbacca – Star Wars Launch Bay, Animation Courtyard

Practice your best Wookie-growl for a photo with the cuddliest of Star Wars characters. Be sure not to miss him, though, because without him you’ll be riding “solo”!

24. Kylo Ren – Star Wars Launch Bay, Animation Courtyard

Kylo Ren has a temper, so don’t get on his “Dark Side” when you meet him. Besides, it’s always best to avoid a “disturbance in the Force”.

23. Woody – Toy Story Land

Woody has moved to the all new Toy Story Land and needs his best deputy (that’s you) for a good old photo!

22. C-3PO and R2-D2 – Star Tours – The Adventures Continue, Echo Lake

Before this tour even begins, you’ll pass through a queuing system filled with impressive audio-animatronic droids. And you’ll be glad to know that they include squabbling duo C-3PO and R2-D2!

21. Jessie – Toy Story Land

When Toy Story Land arrives, you’ll be able to meet more of Woody’s round-up - like Jessie. With only a few weeks to go, she'll show you a rootin' tootin' time in no time!

20. Green Army Men – Toy Story Land

These guys can often be seen marching around Toy Story Land, so snap a photo of them as they march by. If you want them to stop and interact with you, salute them and they'll stop and salute back!

19. BB-8 – BB-8 Astromech on Duty, Animation Courtyard

To say that BB-8 isn’t everyone’s favorite droid is a lie. The “adora-ball” droid can be found on a Resistance freighter waiting to make new friends – or allies!

18. Captain Phasma – March of the First Order, Hollywood Boulevard

Even off-screen Phasma isn’t particularly pleasant. So you won’t be able to speak with her as she marches by, but then that’s probably not a bad thing.

17. Character-Palooza – Multiple Locations

From time to time, characters from Sunset Boulevard’s Fantasmic! will often appear at select areas throughout the park between 4pm and 7pm. How’s that for exclusive!

16. Original Jedi Knights – Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple, Echo Lake

Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple features exclusive Jedi Knight characters. So if you have “younglings” aged between 4 and 12, experience these galactic encounters through their eyes.

15. Cruz Ramirez – Pixar Place

For a “wheely” awesome encounter, visit Cruz Ramirez. In Cars 3 she’s a race trainer for celebrities like Lightning McQueen, but this time you’ll be her favorite trainee!

14. Sorcerer Mickey – Mickey and Minnie Starring in Red Carpet Dreams, Commissary Lane

It goes without saying that you can meet Mickey almost anywhere in Disney World Resort, but here can you get an autograph from him in Fantasia-form! Get your wands – sorry, pens – at the ready!

13. Imperial AT-AT Walker – Echo Lake

Okay, so the AT-AT outside Star Tours – The Adventures Continue is no character greeting, but they aren’t very friendly anyway. However, you can get a selfie, and at least they don't fall over so easily here.

12. Olaf – Celebrity Spotlight, Echo Lake

Your favorite snowman Olaf is waiting for you to “chill” with him. Just make sure you “let him go” after a hug, because you might just melt him!

Photo Credit: Disney

11. Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage – Sunset Boulevard

Behold this classic retelling of the “tale as old as time.” Sadly you can’t meet its stars, but you are cordially invited to “be their guest” nevertheless.

10. Star Tours – The Adventures Continue – Echo Lake

Your Star Wars adventures aren’t over yet. Sure, this is a simulation, but meet characters you won’t find elsewhere in the resort you will - like Yoda and Boba Fett!

9. Stormtroopers – March of the First Order, Hollywood Boulevard

They’re no character greetings, but dozens of Stormtroopers partake in this intimidating imperial march. And at least your aim won’t be terrible like theirs when you take plenty of pictures.

8. Jake – Animation Courtyard

Jake and the Never Land Pirates’ swashbuckling star is of course aimed at the little ones. That said, don’t forget Pan’s timeless lesson – “never grow up”.

7. Darth Maul – Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away, Hollywood Boulevard

The “phantom menace” himself Darth Maul isn’t as “far, far away” as you thought. But you won’t need to wield a lightsaber – just your camera.

6. Rey – Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away, Hollywood Boulevard

Rey also makes an appearance at this show alongside her trusted droid BB-8. And while you’re unable to meet her, you can during special event Star Wars: Galactic Nights.

Photo Credit: Disney

5. Darth Vader – Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple, Echo Lake

“The circle is complete” in your search for Star Wars characters with Darth Vader himself. But don’t worry – he’s perfectly safe to be around under the positive influence of Disney.

4. Indiana Jones – Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!, Echo Lake

There’s nothing wrong with not meeting Indy, seeing as he invites danger wherever he goes. But if you’re called as a volunteer, you will be joining him onstage!

3. Sofia the First – Animation Courtyard

All the way from the Kingdom of Enchancia, Disney Junior’s Sofia is here to share hugs, photos and autographs. But more importantly, she’s looking for new friends!

2. Moana – Walt Disney Presents, Animation Courtyard

Moana has previously appeared at Walt Disney Presents. So keep your eyes open for her return, and for other exclusive characters from the latest Disney movies who often appear at this gallery.

1. Marion – Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!, Echo Lake

Indy’s companion Marion, who featured in Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, also stars in this show. So raise that hand for the casting call!

Be sure to download the My Disney Experience app for character whereabouts and times. And with the upcoming Toy Story Land, you can expect an even bigger round-up of exclusive characters.

By Daniel

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