3 Things To Know About Collecting Pressed Pennies At Disney World

Pressed Pennies
Pressed Pennies

There are a lot of fun things to do in Disney World, but few of them are what most of us would consider cheap. One really fun activity that guests can engage in without spending a lot of money is seeking out the park’s many pressed penny machines.

3. Pressed pennies

Walk into any souvenir shop in Disney World and you may do a double take at the prices. But what if you could get an authentic Disney World souvenir for only 51 cents? Turns out you can when you snag yourself a Disney World pressed penny. Though you can track down a map of where all the pressed penny machines are in the park, half the fun lies in turning a corner and finding one unexpectedly.

2. How it works

When you do find a pressed penny machine, take note that you will need two quarters and a penny to actually obtain one. Nickels and dimes can’t be entered into these machines and you have to pay with exact change. You can usually get the appropriate change in any of the park’s gift shops if you need to. To obtain a pressed penny simply enter your quarters and penny into the appropriate slots and choose the design you want. Each design represents Disney World in some way and they all cost only 51 cents each. You then get to turn the machine’s crank until it spits your pressed penny out at the bottom. Viola, you have a unique souvenir that won’t sit at home and collect dust.

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1. Add to the fun

It’s especially fun to make a game out of collecting pressed pennies throughout Disney World if you are going there with kids or you are just a big kid at heart. One way to make it easy to organize your coins so that you’re not schlepping around a heavy sandwich bag full of them is to purchase some mini tubes of M&Ms before you leave for your trip. Not only will your kids have fun eating them you will then have a handy little holder for your needed quarters and pennies. These coins are the perfect size to fit into one of the mini tubes and your kids will know when the tube is empty they have gotten all the pressed pennies they are going to get. The best part is that once the mini tube is empty of the coins you will be able to store your pressed pennies in there. Sure, you can buy souvenir books in the park to hold your pressed pennies in, but the mini M&M tubes will cost you a lot less.

Before you leave you need to know that there are a whopping 500 pressed penny machines throughout Disney World. Though it is doubtful you’ll find every one of them, especially since some are located in resorts you may not be staying in, you’ll have a blast finding the ones you do find and going home with cheap unique Disney souvenirs.

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