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Weddings At Disney World – 6 Things You Should Know

Disney Weddings
Disney Weddings

Disney World is often just as alluring to couples in love as it is to children. As a result many couples choose to have their wedding at the park. Since so many couples have done so over the years there is actually a special events pavilion where couples can hold a fairytale Disney wedding. Couples who want to get married in the park’s pavilion must first call a special events coordinator at Disney World.

6. Wedding Packages

There are several wedding packages offered for a Disney World wedding. Once a couple has chosen a specific package for their Disney wedding and has informed one of the park’s special events coordinators of their decision they will usually schedule a date and time for a couple to tour the park’s pavilion. Before a couple gets married at Disney World they need to know that when they purchase a wedding package, if they want a wedding planner as well they have to pay a separate price for it. Couples can choose from three different wedding packages offered through Disney Fairytale Weddings & Honeymoons. Each package has different features and there are packages that provide a free room in one of Disney’s resorts for couples the night of their wedding. Though it is important to note that in order for any couple to get married in Disney World they are required to stay at least two consecutive nights in any of the resorts located within the park.

5. Private or Public?

Couples who marry at Disney World have the option of having a private wedding or one attended by guests. Having a Disney World wedding with as few as 20 guests can run a couple thousands of dollars.

4. Wedding Theme

As with any wedding a Disney World wedding calls for a specific theme. There are so many Disney related themes to choose from that the possibilities can be overwhelmingly endless. Many brides have their heart set on a Disney princess themed wedding such as Cinderella or Snow White. Brides can arrange to have the appropriate Disney princess or other character show up at their wedding for an extra fee.

3. Is it affordable?

If money is a concern, and for most couples it is, the best option is to have it off-season at Disney World, which falls during the months of March and April and then again in November and December. Couples may get cheaper quotes for wedding packages during the off season so it is always worth asking. Prices of Disney World wedding packages also tend to be cheaper in both January and February and from July to September. Couples are generally asked to book their Disney World wedding six months before their chosen date. No matter what time of year a couple gets married at the park they are strongly urged to have their wedding between Monday and Thursday as these are generally the cheapest days of the week for a Disney World wedding.

2. The Food

There are minimum requirements for how much food a couple must purchase from the resort to be served at their Disney World wedding. For this reason couples are urged to plan their wedding before 2 p.m. as the minimum requirement is lower then. Couples may choose from myriad menu options that will tempt any palette… some of the most delicious I’ve researched – Truffle Mac and Cheese, Pan Seared Mahi Mahi, Beef Strip Loin. Basically, your reception food choices at Disney are as varied as what you have in the real world, except they are made with a touch of pixie dust!

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1. A few more details

It is important to remember that even when getting married at Disney World a Florida marriage license is needed. The good news is that because couples come from all over the country to have their wedding at Disney World it is not necessary to be a resident of Florida in order to get a marriage license in the state. All of the normal requirements for applying for a marriage license apply and a fee must be paid to the county clerk in order to obtain a Florida marriage license. Once one has been obtained it is valid for 60 days from the date it is issued.

Wedding services provided by Disney World include the marriage license as well as an officiant and cosmetology services. Prospective brides can design their own Disney-themed wedding at You can dream about your big day with a fully interactive website that allows you to browse photos of everything from reception themes and venues, to cakes and floral design. Basically, if you can dream it, Disney can do it!

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