4 Rides You Can Avoid at Disney World

Tomorrowland Speedway
Tomorrowland Speedway

Have you ever been on a ride or visited an attraction at Disney World and thought “is this all there is to it?” I’m sure many of us have had this experience. To hopefully keep you from wasting your time when when visiting the Magic Kingdom, we’ve come up with a list of rides that have been judged “duds” by a number of Disney insiders.

4. Tomorrowland Speedway – Magic Kingdom

Long lines, exhaust fumes that’ll make you gag, slow ride. This is one of those attractions at Disney that needs to be refurbished!

3. Journey Into Imagination with Figment – Epcot

It used to be so much better. But now there’s not much to it. It’s dark and lacks animatronics, scenery and has poor theming.

2. Ellen’s Energy Adventure – Epcot

VERY outdated and in need a major refurb. One reviewer says “In an age of the internet, hybrid cars, consumer solar arrays and hydrogen-powered vehicles, this attraction mentions none of them, leaving it painfully, achingly stuck in the waning days of last century.” Up-sides – you can get 40 minutes of air conditioning.

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1. Stitch’s Great Escape – Magic Kingdom

Total darkness, special speakers and in-seat water and air effects play with your senses but not enough to engage the audience. The room goes dark, the little one’s start crying then you feel like Stitch is crawling all around you and occasionally spitting on guests courtesy of those in-seat water effects. These rather intense special effects also serve to further freak out younger audience goers and underwhelm adult guests. I love Stitch but Stitch’s Great Escape the ride is poorly conceived and is consistently the lowest-rated attraction

While some of you may love one of the above rides or attractions, we thought it was our civic duty to list what a majority of Disney-goers disliked. When visiting the parks, time is of the essence and most Disney visitors can only afford to visit every few years. There are some mind-blowing attractions at Disney and we want to make sure you spend your time on those and don’t waste time on rides that a majority of visitors have rated poorly.

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