5 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Walt Disney World’s Epcot

As the largest theme park in Walt Disney World, Epcot is truly a spectacle to see. Epcot epitomizes the perfect combination of not only history and future technology, but is also the prime place in Walt Disney World to discover new cuisine and exotic delicacies! Here are 5 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Disney’s Epcot!

1) Epcot is BIG

Park maps certainly do not do Epcot’s size justice. Epcot is quite literally TWICE the size of the Magic Kingdom. With so much land to cover, ensure that you are your party are wearing comfortable walking shoes. Comfortable clothing is the key to making it through the endless hours of walking without blisters!

2) Fastpass+

Getting FastPass+ is often a must-do of many guests when vacationing at Walt Disney World. Yet, at Epcot, FastPass+ is even more important to have. Epcot has far less attractions to offer than do parks like the Magic Kingdom. Therefore, guests will not be spread throughout the park and will concentrate in certain attractions. It is crucial to have FastPass+ ready for attractions like Soarin’, Test Track, and Mission Space!

3) Dining

Home to the World Showcase, Epcot has food for every palette and taste. As dinner reservations tend to book quickly, ensure that your party has a reservation at the restaurant of your choosing in advance. If you don’t have dinner reservations ready beforehand to the more popular places, you will probably end up very unhappy (and hungry too!).

4) Know Before You Go

At Epcot it is easy to feel as if you missed something. Due to it’s large size, the park has plenty of shows and events that are must-see! Ensure that you have checked a show time guide so that you are ready for all the magic.

5) Fireworks

Finding the perfect place to watch fireworks can be tricky. Ensure that during the planning process that you have enough time to find a perfect and comfortable place to sit and watch Illuminations. Make sure that you finish everything you wanted to do at least 30-45 minutes before the show.

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