6 Creative Ways to Commemorate Your Disney Trip

Magic Kingdom
Magic Kingdom

Every trip my family takes to Disney maintains a special place in my heart. It is nice though to have a more tangible means of remembering the trip whether that be with a keepsake you purchase or some kind of craft you make at home before or after your trip. Below are 6 Creative Ways to Commemorate Your Disney Trip.

6. Autograph Book

Instead of buying one of the expensive autograph books in a Disney park gift shop, make one at home. Have your kids decorate pages of a small journal or notebook at home with drawings or stickers indicative of the characters from whom they want autographs. This can add a magical aspect to your character visits and make a memorable keepsake.

5. Autograph Frame

Pick out a photo matte for a 5×7 or 8×10 photo, no larger or it’ll be too big to take with you into the park. Instead of using an autograph book, have characters sign the photo matte. Once you return home, choose a favorite family photo from your trip and have it framed using the matte with all the character signatures. Viola! You’ll have a wonderfully unique souvenir of your trip.

4. Buy Ride Photos

Nothing is funnier than seeing the looks of shock, awe and/or absolute glee on the faces of your family members on the various ride photos. These candid shots are hilarious and unique! Purchase and make a photo montage of your favorite ride photos from your trip on a digital photo frame or multi-photo wall frame. Every time you see these images, you’re guaranteed you’ll to get a smile on your face.

3. Take Photos in the Same Place Each Visit

Kind of like time-lapse-photography, take a photo in the exact same spot with family members during each visit. Whether you choose a backdrop of Cinderella’s Castle or the Geodesic Sphere at EPCOT, you’ll have year-after year of photos commemorating your family trips throughout the years. Cast Member photographers are available to take photos of you and your family at these memorable places around the parks. For the budget-minded, individual, you can ask one of these photographers to take your photo using your personal camera or camera phone instead of having to pay Disney for your photo.

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2. Special Keepsake

Do you collect something in particular? Personally, I love buying a set of earrings on every vacation to wear throughout the year. Maybe you prefer t-shirts, baseball hats or keychains. Whatever your preference, Disney has an abundance of items to buy at a variety of price points. Choose something you can enjoy in your everyday life. Something that will remind you of your magical visit.

1. Personalized Souvenirs

You can have your name embroidered or screen printed onto almost anything at Disney World. Perhaps the most iconic of these products is a pair of Mickey Mouse ears. You might even choose to have personalized t-shirts prepared for each of your family members that you can wear on your trip. Here’s a link to the personalized area of the Disney Store online.

So, be creative, have fun and find a great way to commemorate each of your Disney trips that will help you recapture the magic even when you’re not in the parks.

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