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9 Shocking Things That Have Happened At Disney World

Disney World is one of the coolest places on Earth to visit. Crowds of people roll in there day after day for fun and adventure. Mixed in those crowds are a few bizarre people that choose to do creepy things. They are a small percentage of the visitors but can create some strange situations. Most people know how to act in public but these few people sometimes lack self awareness and common sense. This leads to some freaky moments, which lead us to create this list.

9. Workers at one Disney gift shop were required to greet customers within a few seconds of a guest arriving or they had to give out a free stuffed animal. A game evolved where teens tried to beat the greeting and grab a stuffed animal. One guy dove to the animal display only to wind up on a stretcher….and didn’t beat the greeting anyway!

8. A bomb scare ensued when a small bag was left unattended. Turns out the bag was just full of burritos and the hero bomb sniffing dog got them as a treat. Dog’s name? Pluto of course!

7. Once upon a time a drunk lady dressed as Snow White went around the theme park signing autographs and taking pictures with park guests. She eventually became rowdy which led to her being escorted out in handcuffs. Not a happy ending….for her at least.

6. College guys can be idiots. They like to roughhouse with each other. On one fateful day at Disney, a group of guys got out of hand and accidentally hit a 12 year old girl. The dad was a huge muscled up dude who took the law into his own hands and made sure these guys didn’t make that mistake again.

5. Tinkerbell almost got hit by some fireworks during a show at one point. The actress got stuck in the air on her cable then was too close to the fireworks show. Talk about a close call!

4. The Haunted Mansion is spooky for some. Maybe this will make it more so. There has been more than one case of visitors scattering the ashes of loved ones there!

3. Most people are inherently decent folks. But some are loathsome indeed. Over the years there have been a handful of people that actually complain about terminally ill kids getting to go to the front of the lines for rides or visiting characters. Some of these awful people then felt the brunt of public shaming.

2. Babies can’t ride Space Mountain obviously. Solution, sneak them in with a duffel bag. That was the tactic of one mother a while back. Babies don’t belong on roller coasters…..or inside duffel bags lady! Get a clue!

1. It sucks to be broken up with, and public breakups are even worse. One guy took the opportunity at a Disney restaurant to end his marriage with his wife. He stood up and made the announcement that he was leaving his wife since he found out she had been cheating on him for over a year. He left her sobbing at the table with this ultimate “drop the mic” moment.

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