10 Tips To Save Money For A Disney Vacation

Castle with Crowds
Castle With Crowds

So you want to take your family on that Disney trip that you all have talked about for quite a while. But money is always an issue it seems in today’s economy. Overall, the economy is doing a bit better than a few years back, but high gas prices as well as the ever increasing cost of groceries does make it hard on the average family. It takes a lot of income just to stay even, much less get ahead and have a fun vacation to a place like Disney World. With that said, there are ways to make “extra money” that is above your normal income, to set aside specifically for a trip to The Magic Kingdom. Here are ten ways to gather the funds needed for that family trip you deserve.

1. Sell that clutter on ebay.

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure as they say. You would be surprised at how much you can get for items that have no value to you, but are just what a lady on another coast is looking for as a gift.

2. Have three or four yards sales over the summer.

That won’t get you the full cost of a vacation, but it could net you the gas money to get there and back. That is a stepping stone to Disney.

3. Do some work on

Doing something for $5 sounds crazy, but if it is something that you are very good at and passionate about then give it a shot. Small amounts like $5, can add up over time.

4. Sell some donuts.

Kids do this all the time for sports fund raisers. Just be honest with your signage about what you are fund raising for, and people will be more generous than you would ever imagine. They love donuts too!

5. Cut your cable off or way back for 12 months.

I know your family may revolt, but just ask them how bad they want to see Mickey Mouse. By the way, most TV shows are awful reality shows now, so you won’t miss much.

6. Set up a car pool for as many activities as possible.

This can really add up. We spend about $130 a week on fuel as a family. Saving just 30% of that for a year would be huge.

7. Make a list of every dollar you spend for a month.

Bills, gas, and anything on a daily basis. See what can be cut out and add up the savings. That could get you partially on your way to Disney just by being more aware of where your dollars are going.

8. Check out craigslist for items that you can buy cheaply or even get for free.

I know a few stories of folks making tens of thousands of dollars this way. It just takes some motivation and constant awareness of the deals as they come online.

9. Mow some grass as an extra gig

. Mowing may not be the most glamorous job ever, but it pays very well and almost anyone can do it. One person can make about $50 an hour if they are fast and do a good job as well.

10. There are plenty of part time jobs available in this new economy.

Many companies have outsourced work to contract labor. So you can work by the job instead of by the hour. If you do bookkeeping, you do not have to go in for 8 extra hours of work as a side gig. You can find a few businesses that only need you twice a month to do their books. Remember, charge by the job, not by the hour

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