6 Things You’ll Love About H20 Glow Nights At Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

On a recent trip to Disney World, my family and I decided to mix things up and visit Typhoon Lagoon for the first time in a couple of years (for my parents, it had been over 20!). We decided to check out the limited-time H2O Glow Night event that is now making its appearance in its second summer.  We understand your vacation fund may be limited, but this nighttime event is DEFINITELY worth it and here are the six things that you are guaranteed to love if you choose to visit

1. Early Entry

Similar to the other specialty nighttime events that Disney offers (Not So Scary Halloween Party, Very Merry Christmas Party, as well as the After Hour events), guests with a ticket to this event are allowed to enter the park early to get situated, check out the park, and other offerings, as well as get an head start on the fun!  On the night we visited, the actual event ran from 8 PM to 11 PM, but we were allowed to enter the park beginning at 5 PM.  This gave us plenty of time to decide if we wanted to get a locker, scope out a spot on the beach for out crew, and grab a snack before diving (but not actually diving since the water is not deep enough) in the fun!

2. Cool Freebies/Specialty Merchandise

A special event is not complete at Disney without Disney offering special merchandise.  The t-shirt offered at Typhoon Lagoon was quasi-tie-dye with the name of the event, as well as Rex from “Toy Story” on it.  What made the merchandise nicer than other merchandise at special events is that it was easily available at the front of the park, as opposed to being spread amongst other shops throughout the park.  Rather than a simple plastic bracelet to mark that you are a guest of the party, Disney embraced the “glowiness” of the event and distributed clear bracelets that glow, light up, or pulse depending on your preference!

3. Character Meet and Greets

The event was hosted by characters from Toy Story, so various characters were available across the park throughout the event.  Guests could meet Bo Peep, Woody, Jessie, and Buzz Lightyear.  Our only critique of the meet and greets is that they were not widely publicized and given the meandering nature of the paths at Typhoon Lagoon, it was at times difficult to find out where a character was appearing.

4. Short (Like, Really Short) Lines

Once the day guests were cleared from the park, we did not wait in a line longer than five minutes.  This enabled us to ride every slide in the park at least once, while experiencing some of our favorites a few times — can we talk about how much we love Miss Adventure Falls and each slide at the Crush and Gusher?  We definitely would have tackled the Humunga Cowabunga a few times had it not been for the intense amount of cardio that it took to get to the top of Mount Mayday!

5. Non-Water Events

While most guests were enamored with floating down the lazy river, bopping in the wave pool, or sliding down the slides, there was entertainment available for guests who wished to stay dry.  On the beach throughout the night, guests were treated to a DJ dance party, as well as live events for prizes — water ballon toss, hula hoop contests, as well as dance offs!  Regardless of whether you needed a five minute break or wanted to camp out all night, these activities were a welcome respite from the aquatic action!

6. Overall Value

As opposed to the other events which routinely cost well north of $100, a single ticket for the night cost only $54, so the price tag was much easier to stomach.  And compared to the crowds, weather, and walking we have to do at the other nighttime events, our entire family had a blast at the H2O Glow Nights. We are definitely hoping that this becomes part of Disney’s summer offerings every year!

Do you enjoy the Disney water parks? Were you aware of the H2O Glow Nights?  What sounds like the best part of the night to you?

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