7 Items Disney Cast Members Recommend You Take Into the Parks

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One thing that is important to know when visiting Walt Disney World parks is that you are allowed to bring bags inside. Aside from a few restrictions, you can bring most anything with you, which can be great depending on your family’s needs for the day and what you might need to enhance your trip. Here are seven items that cast members recommend you take into the parks:

7) Poncho/sweater – Depending on what time of year you plan on visiting, a poncho or sweater may be necessary. If you’re visiting during the spring/summer months, having an umbrella or poncho with you is definitely a good idea as those months are in the middle of rainy season here in Florida. If you plan on visiting during the late fall or winter months, a sweatshirt is definitely necessary as it gets colder in the evening.

6) A bag – I know this may seem like a pain, but bringing a bag into the parks is really essential if you plan on bringing any other items with you for the day. I usually bring a small backpack that can easily fit all of the things I may need and still have enough room to put souvenirs in it later. However, all bags are subject to mandatory inspections before entering the park, so leave any restricted items, such as weapons, toys that resemble weapons and selfie sticks, in the car.

5) An autograph book– This is essential, for all ages, if you plan on meeting characters while in the park. Most of the characters are able to do autographs during their meet and greets, and every signature is unique, special and will represent a memory in your book. You don’t have to have a sharpie with you because character attendants usually carry them, but it’s always good to have one just in case!

4) Snacks – If you and your family are a little hesitant to pay park prices every time you have a hunger pain, consider bringing some snacks with you into the park! This can range from healthy options, like grapes and clementine’s, to snack favorites, like gold fish and peanut butter crackers. Picking snacks that are easily sharable is a good idea, too, that way there is enough to go around and you aren’t constantly pulling out your wallet to buy another churro or Mickey pretzel.

3) Water bottle – Nothing pains me more than when I watch families spend upwards of $20 just on bottled water at lunchtime. Bringing a water bottle will save you a great deal of money when you’re in the parks. There are water fountains where you can fill up, and if you’re constantly drinking water you’re less likely to become dehydrated. If carrying a water bottle around in your bag doesn’t sound appealing, there is another option. Most outdoor quick service locations and every indoor quick service location is required to provide you with an ice water for free upon request, so don’t hesitate to ask!

2) Medication – While there is a first aid location in every park, you don’t want to have to visit it every time you have a minor cut or a light headache. Having a little first aid kit in your bag is always a good idea, and having any medication you and your family might need is also beneficial. My mom always has things like ibuprofen, DayQuil pills and Cold-Eeze just in case we need it. It’s also a good idea to have hand sanitizer to ward off the germs. If you do forget Band-Aids though, no worries—most merchandise locations have those on hand.

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1) Sunscreen/sunglasses– This may seem pretty obvious, but many people underestimate the power of the Florida sun. Even when it’s cloudy, that sun is pretty powerful! Applying sunscreen before you start your day and continuing to apply it as the day goes on will help prevent sunburn. Also, wearing sunglasses, or even a hat, will protect your eyes as well. Trust me, it isn’t fun when you have to squint to see everything!

Though this is just a suggestion of what you should bring into the park, all of these items will ensure you have a stress-free day in the parks. I always bring these items with me and it makes it easier having all of my essentials on hand. Be sure to pack these with you for your next trip!

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