7 Reasons Why You Should Not Visit During Disney's Anniversary Year and 7 Reasons Why You Should

50th Anniversary

We Disney Fanatics are already getting geared up for the next year. That’s right, 2021 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Walt Disney World in Orlando and we are here for it! Mickey Mouse is celebrating this milestone anniversary right with new attractions, updates and celebrations across the priority throughout 2021. That being said, this celebration may not be for everyone. Depending on your vacation expectations you may want to skip the anniversary celebration all together. This article counts down things to consider when deciding on your Disney vacation plans for 2021.

Why You Should Not

You Crave a Normal Park Experience

The anniversary theming is going to be over the top along with specialty shows to celebrate the milestone year in Disney history. We expect the parks to be over the top awesome, but guests looking for the classic Walt Disney World experience with the iconic park markers (Cinderella Castle, the Tree of Life, the Epcot Ball) may be bummed about the changes since they won’t feel like the Walt Disney World you expect or remember from previous visits.

Avoiding Crowds is Important

As with any specialty event there are going to be crowds clamoring to join in the fun. While it’s hard to predict just how many more guests than usual will flock to the parks because of the anniversary celebration, we can guess attendance will likely increase. If avoiding crowds is a top priority you may consider moving your vacation up to 2020 or waiting around for the anniversary celebration to wind down.

Specialty Celebration Details are Not Exciting to You

If you could care less about the anniversary celebration, visiting in 2021 may not be for you. Walt Disney World newbies or guests that are on the fence about theme park vacations may better enjoy a visit during another time.

Park Plans are Everything

More crowds mean slower lines and park traffic. This can really throw a wrench in park plans and annoy the planner in your family. If you are a scheduled vacationer that struggles to adapt and go with the flow, skip the anniversary celebration.  From décor and show edits to awesome anniversary surprises, the parks are going to be different during the anniversary year and may complicate the best laid park plans.

Cost Cutting is Key

Again, we have no reason to anticipate increased costs to attend the anniversary celebration. Still, a greater demand for resort rooms means higher prices. This translates to a bad time to travel to Walt Disney World for those that don’t want to pay a higher price for resort rooms.

Timing New Attraction Visits Don’t Matter

If you could care less about being ahead of the Disney curve and hopping on attractions before the majority of visitors -do not rush to Walt Disney World for the anniversary celebration. Why wait hours in line for new attractions that will ultimately be there for years or even decades following the anniversary celebration?

You are Not an Epcot Fan

While there are updates and celebration details around the resort, the biggest fiftieth anniversary overhaul is coming to Epcot. If you are on the fence about visiting for the celebration and are not an Epcot fan you may want to sit this one out as the majority of new attractions and renovations are in this park.

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