7 Things We Love About MagicBands

Magic Bands

While we miss having paper Fast Passes here at Walt Disney World, nothing beats the ease of having a MagicBand right on your wrist! MagicBands have become an integral part of any Walt Disney World vacation, and they’re very easy to get used to! Here’s why…

7. They’re customizable: You can customize your MagicBand however you please! From decals and hand painted bands sold through independent sellers to the various MagicBand accessories available at Walt Disney World, it’s almost impossible to find something you don’t like to make your MagicBand fit your personality. From Disney Parks, you can get Bandits, which are sets based on different attractions, characters and other themes that you can clip in to your MagicBand. Similar to the Bandits are the Magic Sliders, which slide over the main Mickey Mouse on your band to add some character – quite literally! You can also purchase sleeves to decorate the colors or a Magic Slider that doubles as a watch.

6. Easy to wear: MagicBands aren’t super bulky or weird to wear on your wrist. MagicBands fit just like a watch does! The snap closures are easy for anyone to use, and MagicBands are even waterproof so you can use them when going to Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, on rides like Splash Mountain.

5. One Size Fits All: Not only are MagicBands easy to wear, but they’ll fit just about anybody! There are plenty of snap closures so you can adjust the comfort level on your wrist and how tight or loose it is. Also, for younger guests, you can remove the grey exterior so it will be easier to fit on a smaller wrist size.

4. Collectible/limited editions: For people who like collectibles, MagicBands can be added to your list! There are so many different colors and prints available for MagicBands that you can chose from so to have a wide array of them could make a cool collector’s item if Disney ever advances on to newer technology in the future to replace it. Also, you can get limited edition MagicBands during various events. For example, during the 2015 Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot, there were limited edition Frozen Fever MagicBands for sale, there were Star Wars MagicBands available during Star Wars Weekends, and when Big Hero 6 came out in November 2014 you could buy a Hiro and Baymax MagicBand. This can be a fun souvenir to get if you come for one of these events!

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3. Hard to lose: MagicBands are pretty hard to lose when you’re out and about! Since you wear your MagicBand on your wrist like a watch with snap closures – and independent sellers online also sell little “belts” for the MagicBands if you want some extra security while wearing it – you’re not going to be at risk of dropping it somewhere or leaving it behind on a ride or in a restaurant. Once your MagicBand is on your wrist, you’ll know exactly where it is at all times, which is much better than losing Fast Passes in your bag or not being sure where you left your hotel key.

2. Works closely with My Disney Experience: One great thing about MagicBands is that they can be connected to your My Disney Experience account. If you have your park tickets or annual pass linked to the band, you can plan your itinerary on the app and then have it on your MagicBand! This just adds to the convenience of these bands since everything is working together as one cohesive unit.

1. All-in-One: The best part about MagicBands is that they are extremely convenient. Everything you could possibly need is on your MagicBand, including your hotel key if you’re staying on Walt Disney World property, your Fast Passes for the day, your park admission pass, and even your debit or credit card if you choose to link it to your MagicBand! Gone are the days of having to constantly pull out your wallet and fumbling around with the different cards inside. Disney has made it as easy as possible for guests to get around the parks and resorts without having to worry about a single thing.

Some people still reminisce the pre-MagicBand days, but we sure think that they’re great! This new technology is something that can make any Disney trip, no matter how frequently you go, a little less stressful.

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