7 Things We Love About Slinky Dog Dash at Walt Disney World

If you’re headed to Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there is one thing you’ve just gotta do… catch a ride with Woody’s most loyal companion, Slinky Dog! Slinky Dog Dash Roller Coaster will have you cruising above Toy Story Land to feel the wind in your hair. Hold on tight as we share our top reasons this attraction is one to fall in love with!


1. The Ride Queue Details

From the minute you walk under the wait time sign into the ride queue for Slinky Dog Dash, you will stay busy taking in the details around you.  The ride queue looks like guests have stepped into a Toy Story movie.  Hand drawn backdrops that Andy creates to set the stage for stories, massive school supplies and toys are scattered around the ride queue. Details like the instructions on the back of an Elmer’s glue bottle and manufacturing company names on the back of games are included in the ride queue.  No detail was omitted. Keep an eye open for Buster’s identification tag and other hidden gems while you are waiting in line.

2. Slinky Dog’s Narration

Slinky dog’s adorable country twang narrating the attraction boarding details, safety information and portions of the ride makes the ride even more adorable. Slinky dog gives guests boarding instructions to keep riders safe and then narrates the blast off portion of the ride when guests dash over the final few hills of the ride. Kids that were riding in the car in front of me laughed aloud when Slinky Dog’s voice came on the loudspeaker.

3. The Blast Off Placement

The dash blast off is interestingly placed in this new attraction. During our first ride, we were surprised to learn that the countdown and blastoff that was featured on ads for Toy Story Land was actually placed midway through the ride instead of at the start of the ride like many coasters.  Guests ride over the hills of the ride for several moments before Slinky Dog halts the ride to countdown and catapult the coaster into the blast off dash portion of the ride.

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4. Character Placement in the Ride

Of course, one of our favorite things about this attraction are the Toy Story characters you see when enjoying the ride. Jessie and Rex are among the first characters guests see as they wind under the staked Christmas lights and blocks in the ride. The spell machine and Wheezy are featured later in the ride and the structures the track winds around are made of blocks and Tinker Toys. The loading platform is fashioned with board game boards and boxes covering the area where guests embark the ride.

5. The View of Toy Story Land

The views from the top of this ride are beautiful. Guests get a glimpse of Toy Story Land from the sky and can fully take in the scenery of Andy’s backyard from the slinky dog coaster. You can even spot Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge from the top of the coaster.

6. Great Balance of Thrilling and Fun

Slinky Dog Dash is a fun ride with a great balance of thrilling and fun.  With no loops, guests that traditionally do not enjoy rollercoasters may still want to give this new ride a go. This would be a fun starter rollercoaster for children looking to enjoy their first coaster experience at Walt Disney World. The characters and bright colors throughout the ride bring down the intimidation factor for kids.  Keep in mind that children need to be thirty-eight inches tall to ride this attraction. The speed and turns make this coaster fun and thrilling without being rough or super scary.

7. Wheezy the Penguin Bringing it Home

The end of this ride is beyond adorable.  Everyone’s favorite squeaky toy turned singer, Wheezy the penguin serenades guests to the disembarkation platform with “You Got A Friend In Me”. We cannot imagine a more adorable ending for the ride. After the ride is over guests should check their Disney Photo Pass account to see a ride photo.  Toy Story characters and Andy’s drawings frame the photo. Be sure to share your ride photo on social media, after all this is one Walt Disney World attraction that is a popular topic of conversation these days.

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