7 Things You'll Love about Woody's Lunch Box in Disney's Toy Story Land

As I sit here writing this, Woody's Lunch Box—the quick-service restaurant within the all-new Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios—has merely been open for a little more than a week, and it's already shot up into the upper echelons of my list for favorite counter-service spots in all of Disney World. It's just that good. At this colorful food spot, they serve up rootin'-tootin' American-style grub that'll have you shouting YEEHAW!
Now, until you make the time to stop in at this eatery for yourself, you won't know just what you're missing out on. However, one thing I can do to get you ready for your visit to Woody's Lunch Box is list the top 7 things you're going to love about it once you do get there.

1. The Theming

The general idea of Toy Story Land is that you "shrink" to the size of one of Andy's backyard toys. Every detail around you points to that fact, from Andy's huge footprints on the ground to the Tinker-Toy light posts to the oversized Christmas lights hanging above your head.

The same holds true for Woody's Lunch Box, which is literally a giant overturned lunch box—complete with celery sticks, Mini Babybel cheese wheels, and more—that Andy has propped open with a thermos and a ballpoint pen. It really helps bring the whole concept to life, doesn't it?

Even the tables here get in on the theming action, with special details of their own for you to discover. One table looks like a note from Andy's mom, while another one has chairs that look exactly like a pair of Mini Babybels that have been split in two. I truly love the attention to detail here.

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