Top Magic Kingdom Attractions Perfect for Little Ones

While visiting Walt Disney World, you’d be surprised at how many rides require a child to be a certain height or have warnings because they may be too scary. For little ones between 2 and 5, it can be hard to pick and choose the perfect rides for them. Here are top attractions in the Magic Kingdom that are absolutely perfect for the preschooler in your life:

7) Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

This adorable carousel is a great attraction for little ones. Featuring horses from Cinderella and Prince Charming’s palace, little ones go around in a giant circle while riding these beautifully designed horses listening to classic Disney music. The best part? The lines are usually pretty short, so they can go on it again and again!

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6) Journey of the Little Mermaid

Whether you have a little prince or princess in your family, they’ll both adore this ride! While sitting in clam shells, you and your little ones will get to go under water into Atlantica and see all the amazing sea creatures in Ariel’s world. If you’re child gets scared by Ursula, however, make sure that they know she makes an appearance on the ride!

5) Dumbo the Flying Elephant

This ride is perfect for little ones for a number of reasons: not only is the ride a charming experience where they get to fly into the air on an elephant, but the queue to get on the ride features a circus playground where the kids can run around and play while the parents sit and wait for their turn. Kids will love this Big-Top themed experience, and parents will love the chance to take a break!

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4) Mad Tea Party

What little kid doesn’t want to go for a spin in a giant colorful teacup? This ride is a huge hit among Preschoolers. The fun and cheerful music mixed with the playful nature of the spinning teacups make this an absolute must. Another cool feature of this ride is that you and your little one get to control how fast your teacup spins, giving the kids a sense that they get to make choices.

Mad Tea Party

3) Peter Pan’s Flight

Another huge hit amongst little ones, this ride takes the cake for longest wait time. With waits averaging out at about 120 minutes during the peak season, it is one of the most popular rides for kids. Following the story of Peter Pan, children get to take a ride in a flying ship and fly through the Darling Nursery, over London, and all across Neverland. With the beautiful set pieces and the feeling that you’re floating across space, this ride is great for little ones.

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2) It’s a Small World

This quintessential Magic Kingdom ride is incredibly fun for little ones. You and your child will embark on a boat ride around the world where he or she will get to see dolls representing the children of the world, singing the classic tune in their own languages. This ride is amazing because not only does it open your child’s eyes to different cultures, but it gives them a feeling of happiness and captivates their attention. Any preschooler will adore visiting this ride!

1) The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

This ride is, without a doubt, one of the best rides in Walt Disney World for little ones. Featuring all the animal friends of the 100 Acre Wood, your child will get to ride in a big “hunny-pot” while experience the story of Winnie the Pooh. They’ll get to bounce with Tigger, feel the wind blow with Piglet, and celebrate with all of the other friends. This ride also features an awesome queue where the children get the opportunity to play in Rabbit’s garden while the parents wait in line. How much sweeter can it get?

Whether your child is 2 or 5, there are amazing experiences to be had for preschoolers in the Magic Kingdom. Besides attractions, there are character greetings, dining experiences, and entertainment all geared towards younger ages. For more information, you can always check out the Magic Kingdom section of the Walt Disney World website. No matter what, if you take your children on these rides, they’re sure to love it!

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