8 Magic Kingdom Snacks For Your Bucket List

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When you think of Magic Kingdom, you probably think of rides, the castle, the shows and the fireworks. You imagine yourself walking down the middle of Main Street with your ears on and a clear view of the castle. But I bet you don’t imagine a snack in your hand—and you should. One of the best parts of Magic Kingdom is all of the food offerings you can munch on throughout the day. Here are eight snacks for your foodie bucket list:

8. Mickey Pretzel – Though you can get this treat in the other parks, there’s just something about having a Mickey pretzel in Magic Kingdom that makes it a little more magical. This salty treat is perfect to snack on while you’re heading to your next ride, and you can purchase cheese-dipping sauce to give it a little extra flavor.

7. Churro – This has been one of my favorite theme park snacks since I was little, and they are truly the best at Walt Disney World. This cinnamon sugar snack is perfect for sharing, or devouring yourself. When it’s a little chillier, this pairs best with hot chocolate or coffee, especially if you’re waiting for a parade or show to start!

6. Citrus Swirl – This treat is perfect in the middle of the day when the sun is at its brightest and hottest. This mix of vanilla soft serve and “orange slush,” which is frozen orange juice, is a sweet treat that is loved by every one of all ages. And now that the Enchanted Tiki Room allows food and beverage inside, you can enjoy a classic Disney attraction with a classic Disney snack!

5. Cinnamon Bun – Gaston’s Tavern in New Fantasyland offers a warm, sweet treat that you may need a friend or two to conquer it. Their cinnamon bun is worth writing home about—it’s massive and delicious. Grabbing a cinnamon bun, a hot chocolate and finding a seat outside just in time for Wishes is one of my favorite ways to end a day at Magic Kingdom. You will need a fork and knife though, and plenty of napkins!

4. Lefou’s Brew – This frozen drink is so good that it has rightfully earned its spot on this list. This delicious frozen apple juice with passion fruit-mango foam on top is easily one of the best drinks Walt Disney World has to offer. I can’t visit Magic Kingdom without grabbing one of these, and I’m sure when you try it it’ll become one of your favorites, too!

3. Mickey Premium Bar – Though you can get this snack in every Disney Park, a Mickey Premium Bar is such a staple Disney snack that it has to be on this list! Vanilla soft serve with a chocolate coating in the shape of Mickey is exactly the kind of extra Disney magic you need during your trip to Magic Kingdom. Don’t forget to get a picture of you enjoying your snack in front of the castle so you can make everyone jealous back home!

2. Nutella Waffle Sandwich – This is a huge fan favorite in Magic Kingdom, and rightfully so. Who wouldn’t want a giant Belgian waffle smothered in Nutella and topped off with fresh fruit? This snack is available at Sleepy Hollow, and it’s one of the most popular snacks in the park. There are other waffle sandwiches available at this quick service location, but this is the best by far. Try it for yourself next time you’re in the kingdom!

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1. Dole Whip Float – This is the mother of all snacks available in the Magic Kingdom and is my personal favorite snack throughout all of Disney property. I am a huge fan of pineapple and this snack hits the spot every time. Pineapple soft serve piled high sitting in pineapple juice, the Dole Whip Float is a classic Disney treat that cannot be overlooked. You can also opt to have just the dole whip in a cup by itself, but the pineapple juice makes it so much better!

Magic Kingdom has so many things to offer, including its abundance of delectable snacks. Whether you want something sweet, salty or classic, Magic Kingdom has a snack that will appeal to everyone. The best part is that many of these snacks are easy to eat on the go, so you can buy it and enjoy it on your way to your next attraction. Be sure to try one of these snacks on your next trip and see which one is your new favorite!

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