8 Things You Should Know About Disney’s Refillable Mugs

refillable mugs
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You’re walking around the parks and you see a family of four walking around with a colorful mug. These mugs are part of Disney’s refillable mug program and here are the eight things that you need to know about the mugs!

8 – They’re Included With the Disney Dining Plan – if you and your family purchased any of the Disney Dining Plans to use during your stay, your plan includes one of the refillable mugs. You will be given your mug upon checking-in at your resort. The Cast Member checking you in will explain to you how to use them and where you can fill them up at your resort.

7 – You Can Buy Them If You’re Not – even if you’re not on the Disney Dining Plan, you can purchase them to use during your stay. Look for the mugs at in the store or food court location at your resort. You can pick how long (or short) you want the mug to be activated.

6 – They’re High Tech – the mugs all come equipped with an RFID tag that communicates with the soda machines to tell it when your mug “expires.” You are allowed unlimited refills during your visit and you will be reminded when your mug expires each time you refill your drink by the display on the soda machine.

5 – Fill Them With Whatever You’d Like – even though most people will choose to fill their mugs with soda, guests can also fill them with coffee or tea. The only thing that guests cannot get refills in their mugs are milk and juice. And, of course, you can fill up the mugs with water.

4 – They Don’t Work At the Parks – sadly, the mugs do not work at the parks. You can bring them in the parks with you, but if you want a soda while touring the parks, you are going to need to purchase a separate soda while you’re there.

3 – You Can Fill Them at Any Resort – if you and your family are visiting another resort, you are allowed to refill your mugs at another resort. This can be a great way to keep cool while resort-hopping or visiting restaurants in other resorts.

2 – They’re Great Souvenirs – the mugs are made of plastic and are decorated with an animated scene much like the popcorn buckets and you can keep them after your trip as a reminder of your trip and as something to look forward to for your next trip.

1 – Do The Math – if you are purchasing your mug a la carte make sure you do the math. If you are there for only a short period of time, it may not be worth it because of the cost per day. If you are there for at least 4 days, you should definitely consider getting one, even if you are only getting one or two drinks a day, as it would be much more expensive buying the individual drinks!

We love the refillable mugs and the flexibility that they offer when staying at the resorts. The only thing that we are hoping for is an expansion of the program to the theme parks. Have you used the refillable mug program? What do you like about it?

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