8 Things You’ll Love About Disney Spring’s Newest Restaurant – The Boathouse


If you’re looking for a great place to shop and dine, Disney Springs is the place to check out. With hundreds of unique dining and shopping experiences, you can’t go wrong with a visit to this spectacular place. Amongst the newest restaurants is The Boathouse; a family-friendly waterfront dining experience. Here are 8 reasons why you have to go and check it out!

8. The Vintage Atmosphere

The 1930’s-1950’s come to life in this one of a kind restaurant. The walls and rooms of this amazing venue includes a million dollar fleet of several rare boats that were collected from various museums, boat displays, and private collectors from all over the globe. There are also over 40 restored boat motors on the walls of the entire space! Even though the restaurant includes vintage décor, it is definitely paired with modern concepts and color schemes, giving it an elegant flare. This restaurant consists of three rooms. The first room includes The Captain’s Raw Bar, several tables, and even a real Christ Craft boat that has a built in table for fun dining! The second room includes a family-friendly atmosphere with vintage pictures hung throughout the room. The last space, The Regatta Room, has more of a sophisticated flare with more elegant lamps, darker woods and memorabilia, and even a marble-based fireplace. The expansive windows of the restaurant also offer great waterfront views for those that choose to sit indoors. The high ceilings and additions of nautical themed décor paired with pops of sea inspired colors and dark wood furniture and trim really bring this restaurant to life!

7. The Menu

The Boathouse offers an array of seafood and superior cuts of steak, chops, and a raw bar. There are also classic American options, such as a cheeseburger and chicken. This gourmet menu is managed by Gibsons Restaurant Group, which is known for their excellent service and quality. There is also a great kids menu and hundreds of choices for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

6. Live Entertainment

There is nothing like jamming out to a live band while enjoying your meal. The Boathouse offers an array of singers and bands for live entertainment in the main dining room. The music filters through the entire restaurant, giving all guests an opportunity to enjoy it!

5. Waterfront Dining

Two-thirds of The Boathouse is built right on the water! Whether dining indoors or outdoors, the entire space for guests to dine is built directly above the water! The small pier outdoors includes several tables for waterfront dining for a unique experience. The Dock Bar, one of the three bars here, is completely built over the water and is attached to a boardwalk that connects the bar to all areas of the restaurant. This is definitely the ‘star’ of the entire restaurant as it offers a great place to enjoy the breeze and enjoy a drink or two.

4. Multiple Bar Areas

Speaking of bars, if you’re looking to unwind and sip on a cocktail, head over to any of the three bars located inside The Boathouse. There are two bars located inside of the restaurant and one bar outside on the lake. The first bar that you see when you enter the restaurant is known as The Captain’s Raw Bar. This bar is massive and includes raw seafood such as fresh shrimp, oysters, and lobster on display. There is a smaller bar in the second room of the restaurant that is also chic and intimate (since it isn’t massive like the Captain’s Raw Bar). The outdoor bar, The Dock Bar, has spectacular views of the lake, Disney Springs, and Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort. If you are having a date night, or just a night out with friends, enjoy having a sip and/or a delicious meal right at the bar!

3. It’s Location

There is no better place to put The Boathouse other than Disney Springs. While the theme parks have great restaurants, The Boathouse is a perfect fit at Disney Springs due to its vintage, modern flare and entertainment. Disney Springs is always full of energy and has a very upbeat atmosphere, which is parallel to that of the ambiance in The Boathouse. The great part about it being located at Disney Springs is that guests can enjoy it without having to pay a park entrance, and there is also free parking! After dining, you are able to enjoy all that Disney Springs has to offer like shopping, movies, shows, and even a boat ride on the lake.

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2. Water Taxis

As I mentioned above, boat rides can be a relaxing way to chill out and enjoy the fresh air and atmosphere. If you would like to spend time with your significant other, check out the water taxi dining options that The Boathouse has to offer. There are options to renting a water taxi, complete with chocolate covered strawberries and alcoholic beverages) to enjoy a night out on the lake. This is a great way to have quality adult time!

1. Amphicar Rides

The coolest, and newest, addition to Disney Springs are the sleek vintage cars that go from driving on pavement to cruising the huge Disney Springs lake in seconds. Yes, these cars actually drive straight into the water and turn into boats so that guests can take a half hour stroll all along the ‘coast’ of Disney Springs. The amphicar rides are front and center at The Boathouse and they will make your jaw drop when you see them! This is a great way to enjoy Disney Springs in a different way!

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